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Following up

I saw another post with a similar subject that was encouraging. Instead of replying to the thread, I decided to start another because well it’s a little different. So here is my question.
Do you follow up with leads that reach out to you, but go cold. What is your timeline like how often and for how long? Do you just keep sending them the same thing? Maybe it varies by industry. There are often times I reply to someone, within minutes, and I am the only person they have contacted and no response at all back. I like to believe my initial messages are thorough, well informed, establish rapport, have a call to action, and imply receiving a response (I look forward to hearing back from you). I’m a little stuck and would like to hear others (surely I can’t be the only one) make what was seemingly a hot lead that has gone cold at least come back to warm.

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Kim Kosteck
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Re: Following up

Hello @KimKosteck You are not the only one out there who has encountered this. Believe me! I use the three strike method. Initial contact. Second contact day 7. Final contact day 10. If no response archive the request and move on. I'm sure others out there have their method of following up. We've all received ghost leads like that unfortunately. The other unfortunate part is the job poster is not required by Thumbtack to provide their e-mail address and/or phone number. Even after paying for the lead! All we get is their name. Not a fair trade off in my opinion! I've suggested that the job poster be required to provide their e-mail address & phone number for years now! Yes that's plural.  Best wishes to you & hopefully you'll get some of the job posters to respond back to you.

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Re: Following up

Thanks for starting this conversation @KimKosteck. I'm sure you'll get some great advice from fellow pros here in the Community!

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Re: Following up

Hi there @KimKosteck, I know exactly what you’re referring to. It happens all to often unfortunately. To be completely honest, I think it would be safe to say that at least half or maybe even more of the leads I receive are like this. Like you said, even if the customer chooses let’s say 4 pros for their job request and you are the only pro that responds back to them but you can’t get them to respond back, even after sending them several messages. In my opinion, those “customers” were actually just “tire kickers” that got bored and simply wanted to get a response from someone and they never intended to actually hire someone to do a job for them. Thumbtack needs to figure out a way to weed through these so called customers by verifying that the lead is legitimate before sending the request to pros so they can be paid for the lead. I don’t think it’s fair to send bad leads to pros and expect them to pay for leads that will never be anything but more wasted time and money for the pro for having to send the so called customer several messages trying to get them to respond when they never intended to ever pay anyone to do a job for them. Thumbtack also doesn’t want to refund leads for the empty ghost leads. What Thumbtack must not realize or don’t care about is that it costs the pros a lot more than just the original cost of the lead. Our time is money and when we have to waste it by sending several messages for absolutely no reason it ends up costing a lot more than they think. Thumbtack needs to refund those leads hassle free because I know they can see everything about the lead, how many pros were contacted, how many replied, and if the customer replied to any of their messages, to if anyone was ever hired. If no one was hired and/or they cancelled the job, then all pros that paid should be refunded whether they asked for a refund or not. That’s the fair way of handling job requests that lead to nowhere. I wish you luck in your future ghost leads and I hope Thumbtack will finally realize the amount of money they actually cost pros and do something to fix the issue.