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Getting a Review Removed

Hello Thumbtack community!  First time on here looking for some advice, thank you all in advance!  Back when we first started on Thumbtack we had a potential customer who raised some flags in my head but we were so brand new and I wanted to get the Thumbtack wheels rolling that I went ahead with her anyway.  She ended up giving us a horrible review and it is still a black eye on our company here on the site.  I legitimately feel that this review should be removed from our profile and wondered if anybody had ever heard of this happening?  The first thing I guess is that the woman didn't mark us as hired until weeks later and we never did business with her; no money was ever exchanged and a contract was never signed.  She behaved very unprofessionally and behaved in a sexist manner towards my wife who is our business manager.  She told her straight our that she hated women photographers and was not happy when she thought my wife was going to be the photographer.  She changed her behavior when she was informed that I would be the photographer and I am a male.  Then at the time of making the final plans for meeting for the photo session I called her myself and basically said my wife made up the whole project and that she wasn't even certain she wanted to work with us yet.  But she marked us as hired a couple of weeks later and gave us a bad review with some inaccurate information and Thumbtack let her do it.  I spoke to them and they wouldn't remove it saying they felt she was a legitimate customer.  Even though I offered them the transcripts of the text messages showing the sexism and the irrational claims that my wife pretty much made up the project.  How can she "hire" us for a project she never commited to and claimed didn't exist?  I have gotten stellar reviews since then and don't know how to get this horrible pack of lies of my profile.  Has anyone had any luck in this department or know of anyone who might be of assistance?  Thank you again!

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Re: Getting a Review Removed

Welcome to the world of thumbtack! If you search, you will find multiple complaints of Pros receiving bad reviews when they were not even hired. Thumbtack refuses to delete them. This debate/problem has been going on quite some time now and has caused many Pros to quit thumbtack. I am sure this post will be deleted since it not praising thumbtack, rather it is simply stating facts that people are unhappy with.

Cranichik 8-11-2019

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Re: Getting a Review Removed

@jduenasphotos this sounds like a sticky situation. We allow customers to review pros based on any interaction they have, even if it doesn't end in a hire. Reviews are only removed if they violate our Content and Review policy. I am more than happy to take a second look at your situation if you'd like. Just send me a private message with the name of the customer, screenshots of text messages, and any other info you feel would be helpful for me to know. 

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Re: Getting a Review Removed

It's a little worse than that.  Even if a customer wants to amend a review, they can't.   I had a situation a few years ago,where a customer gave me bad review, because she really didn't understand the process.   After I made the corrections, she said she wanted to update her review, but couldn't...  So there's that.  

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Re: Getting a Review Removed

@JoeB131 customers actually are able to update their review one time after their original review. We understand that things happen and that their experience can change. If you have any questions about this, please let us know!

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