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Re: Give us your feedback!

You need a third option. Something like totally unusable.

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Re: Profile Consultations

I would say just that. I'm a financial coach not an advisor and then explain the difference. Thumbtack tend to leave out some options and then there's no way to fill in what you're representing, just a drop down menu. Good luck.
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Re: Let’s talk about how you rank in search results

So I would like to know when you will update the hair stylist section. Can you please add in hair extensions, blow dry, silk press.

Just doing Wedding stylist is not good. Not everyone wants to do wedding hair.

Ranking also should include reviews from other websites like Google, Instagram.

And really, I see very few people from nyc applying for services. I see a lot from New Jersey. So maybe you can advertise more in nyc.

Maybe then I would be encouraged to answer any of these clients.
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Re: Let’s talk about how you rank in search results

I Tune & Repair pianos and have for almost 50 years. Your site is a tool for me, that came TO me with an offer to join. I paid at first, starting about a year ago referrals were free because I was told I was the only one. Then I began getting referrals outside my area, it doesn't pay for me to drive over an hour for one tuning. The average tuning is $100.00, my time is worth $50 an hour, unless I have 3 or 4 customers in that area, driving an hour isn't worth it. So I pass on the jobs out of my area. Now there is a new guy who hasn't finished his training bidding on jobs, ALL jobs even the ones outside the area! He's getting a lot of good feedback, apparently he's good at getting people to praise him in writing. I'm not, my customers call me again and again which is how I get feedback. We have a saying in my business "You're only as good as your last tuning"! Which means if your tuning doesn't last, then you won't be called back. I don't get a lot of business from your site but I DO RETAIN IT! After 50 years in the biz your site won't make or break me. I wonder how many novices appear to be better than the REAL PROS because they have better skills at "networking" & smoothly pandering customers to praise them?!?!
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Re: Let’s talk about how you rank in search results

I have asked 11 times to have Fence Staining added to the job fields. It allows customers to search fence painting but not staining. This issue costs me jobs, reviews and ultimately revenue. Cost this finally be added?
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Re: Give us your feedback!

My issue with the new system is that I'm charged for a contact even when I have the date/time they're requesting already booked.  I get charged for them asking if I'm available.  When, very often, I'm not.  With the previous system, I appreciated that I could quote/pass based on their party date and only paid for those leads I actually could work with.

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Re: Let’s talk about how you rank in search results

It would be helpful to see the adddress of the person who contacts you. They are already interested but depending on the address it may not make since to move forward for the pro. At least show the neighborhood, zip codes are far too large
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Re: Let’s talk about how you rank in search results

Hi Scott,

My company has been on Thumbtack for quite some time, but the referrals we receive do not match what we do. We are listed as carpenters, but we manufacture stair parts like balusters, newel posts, and even columns. All our work is custom and is designed to the customers specs. We don't do installations or travel to work sites. We just make the parts!

Can you help by creating a niche for us?

Michael Fonner

King's Corner Wood Turning & Woodworking

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Instant Bad Lead "FIX"

I have been with Thumbtact since 2016 and on occasion recieved some really good leads. There have been soooo many changes and there will probrobly be changes to come. This is in my humble opinion how you put a "Thumbtact" in the problem lol. 

Flat rate for all leads: This will remove all the guess work.

Benifit: This encourages pro confidence as they are clear as to the cost of the lead.

Pre-Qualify leads: Prompt all lead to leave a email and pnone number. Paying for something that can expire or be cancelled after a pro pays is discouraging. For pros "What we allow we teach" If there is the impression that pros will continue to pay for leads with little or no merrit then there will be no change. There will still be tons of leads that are not properly qualified with phone number and email.

The Benifit: The pro is really paying for the lead and can establish a lasting relationship that cant *Expire. There is a wonderful company called that ONLY provides leads with both Phone number and Email. This is 2nd of the three companies I use Thumbtact included.

5 lead limit: If customers can choose 100 pro and all respond thats a huge paycheck for Thumbtact. But in time will affect customer loyalty. This also waters down a potential lead as it floats in what can now be called a shark tank ( The Pomote Platform)

Benifit: Simply put "Its Fair" and everyone wins. 

Trying to be apart of the solution. Maybe someone will listen and take this to the table.



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Re: Instant Bad Lead "FIX"


Many Pros and I have given suggestions and ideas as to how to improve this new system for couple of months now. Hopefully they hear yours not just listen, and then compare with mine and the others and improve it very soon

I'm on and one gives both contact info most of the time, sometimes just an email, but it's a contact info). From what I've been told by reps, customers have complained that Thumbtack's Pros have bombarded them with messages, that's why the new system is in place, to help the customers. Where they help the customers, is hurting their real customers--their paying pros.

A flat fee is a great idea. Eventective has that, I pay $2.50 per lead and they haven't raised that fee in years. leads vary, but the fees are affordable. I don't know if the Moderators can do anything to change things, but hopefully they are providing higher ups such as @MarcoZ the information that majority of the Pros aren't happy with this new system. I get told that they are, but feel if they have, then some changes would have happened, or at least one change would have happened by now.