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How are customers receiving message notifications

I am wondering if there may be a better way to reply to customers. As a pro I had never used thumbtack until recently as a customer. I needed a repair to my roof and contacted a pro through thumbtack and came to find I wouldn't receive any notification that made me realize i had a message sitting in my inbox. I'm sure that this has also happened to me as a pro myself. I'm just wondering if i missed something while using thumbtack as a customer. I only ask this because when customers tend to not reply I continue to message even 2-3 days after initial contact to see if service is still needed, but if the customer is not seeing this messages or getting a notification instantly then is i feel its not helping. Thank you for any advice on this discussion.

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Re: How are customers receiving message notifications

@Gaddyair I'm happy to hear that you're using Thumbtack as a customer! If customers have their notifications turned on, they will indeed receive a notification when a pro messages them. 

Have you checked your push notification settings on your phone to make sure the ones from Thumbtack are turned on? If they are, we want to look into this deeper and see what's going on. The best next step would be to contact our support team so they can get some info from you and pass it on to the appropriate teams. You can reach them at 800-948-2034.

Thanks for letting us know about this, we definitely want to get it fixed for you!