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How is base price determined, and how can it be edited?

I am a wedding officiant. My BASE PRICE for a wedding in Muncie is $150, with prices going up from there depending on location and customization.  For some reason, my profile says that my base price is $50.  FOR ALL WEDDINGS!  Are you kidding me?  There is no way I'm going to meet with couples, customize their wedding, drive for 4 hours to the wedding, officiate it, and then drive back home, for $50! And this is what all of my leads have been wanting me to do, and most of them I need to charge quite a bit more, and in addition, I can only service certain towns/counties, and TT is including places that are like six hours away!!!  What is the deal here????? I am being charged for these leads and they are not even within my parameters, and TT is LYING about my base price!!! How is this even fair?  

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Re: How is base price determined, and how can it be edited?

@revcherylgrice you have $50 listed as your base price in your profile. Right now there isn't an option for you to change your base price for different areas, but I'll definitely pass on your suggestion. You do, however, have the option to hide your prices and when you do that it will just show contact for price when customer's see your profile. Would that be something you'd want to try?

Keep in mind that jobs in the Jobs tab will be up to 150 miles away. You mention that you're getting jobs for up to six hours away. Are those customers reaching out to you directly or are they jobs you're seeing in the Jobs tab? 

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Re: How is base price determined, and how can it be edited?

I never listed $50 as a base price for my services. I have no option to list a base price at all. It seems to me that the software on the site looks at what I'm charging and zooms in on the option that I have for elopements, which is a less expensive option that a couple may choose, but it is NOT what I offer as a base price.  I offer primarily custom wedding officiant services and my base price is $150, as is listed on my profile.  This is really misleading when my base price is listed as $50.

I would definitely be interested in NOT listing a base price (hiding my prices) and instead, have a "Contact for prices" option listed in its place.  Can you do that? I don't see an option on how to do that. Or if you could tell me how to do that, I could do it myself.

The jobs that are in Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio, and southern Indiana (the ones that are like 4-6 hours away) have been mostly automatically generated but there have been a few direct requests. There are at the moment more requests from far away than from nearby so I don't know what's happening! I have a specific set of counties in Indiana which I will drive to set.


Re: How is base price determined, and how can it be edited?

@revcherylgrice to see where your prices are set along with the option to hide them, you'll want to visit the prices page in your service settings. To do this go to Services, click on Wedding Officiant, then Prices. From there you can choose to either adjust the prices or hide them.