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Re: Credentials - I wish I could add my license, but TT won't let me.

I couldn’t agree with you more. I get these messages all the time. It’s annoying considering there is no such license required OR available on the Thumbtack drop down menu for the service categories my business is listed under.

There are other pros in the area that have listed licenses that are completely irrelevant to the field, yet the get improved ranking for this in the search results?!
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Re: Credentials - I wish I could add my license, but TT won't let me.

I also had asked why I can't add my license. When asked, I was told for DJ services it wasn't required. My response was if I was able to add my license, it would weed out the DJ Wannabes. More venues are requiring DJ's to be licensed and insured. Thumbtack told me to add in my profile that I am licensed, but majority of Job Posters never read an entire profile.
Perhaps Thumbtack will take to heart and allow you and I to add our licenses. This is 2019, and in this day and age, being licensed is protecting us, as is being insured.

DJ Stevie 6-12-2019
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Re: Credentials - I wish I could add my license, but TT won't let me.

For the question I have asked TT, I never really receive an answer. When I joined Thumbtack, I was able to have TT verify my home Inspector's license. They told me it was a good idea. And now my profile suffers because it is not verified. Now TT no longer verifies Home Inspectors. Why? <Crickets> (I think they sorta said something vague like: "we may consider it for the future." (Paraphrased) Well, more than half of all states (27) have licensing for Home Inspectors. The answer from TT makes no sense, so I am left with guessing or inventing my own rationale.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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