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I need serious help to pay my bills this month i have alot of talent

I can clean house I can cook I can research I can be a personal assistant I'm great with pets well with problem solving there's really not much I can't do
Kristiana bolin
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Re: I need serious help to pay my bills this month i have alot of talent

Hi @Platinumsproof. I see that you started creating your Thumbtack profile, which is awesome! Now, let's have you start building it so you can get connected with customers. I'd first recommend expanding on your about me section. Tell us more about you and what inspires you to be a pro. After that, try to get some reviews. At Thumbtack, we allow you to get up to ten reviews from customers you've worked for outside of Thumbtack. Go here to learn how and feel free to reach out with any questions. 

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