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If you want to be successful with TT... READ THIS!

If you actually want to be successful with TT, you can make it work if you do it mindfully. In my posts I have repeatedly pointed out the pitfalls, and tsuggested the strategies that you can implement to avoid all the excessive charges and get more of the jobs you want. This is the most profitable way to work within an imperfect system. I have poured countless hours into posting this information. I've said it all and the success system is out there for everyone to read. If you just feel like complaining, please feel free to continue to do so, and the Universe will deliver more for you to complain about. Smiley Happy If you feel like finding an actual solution, from someone who has about 300 hires and about 125 5-star reviews, and is always intent on finding how to work within the system to actually make money, then do a search for all my posts and read through them, then take action to make this work for you. Smiley Happy

If you're not willing to start with doing a cost of acquisiton analysis to calculate how much you actually per hire, you'll never get anywhere, so don't bother. If you don't know your numbers, nothing will work. Once you know them, then you can start taking intelligent steps to bid right. Without that, nothing I've said will matter to you. It's all in my posts. I've done my part, now it's up to you! Smiley Happy

I can't put the time into this anymore. I'm way behind and need the time to catch up on editing. I wish you all much success! I will still post, but I don't have time to repeat everything I've said over and over. Those who want to be successful will at least take a look at my suggestions and see what works for them, from someone who has been here for 4.5 years and has rolled with the punches to stay working within the system at a profitable & successful level.

If you have questions, keep them in this thread. I'll answer as time permits. Smiley Happy

All the best!

Jo Anne