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Does anyone else have issues with Thumbtack changing its format all the time? Do they ever hold focus groups to determine if people want these changes?? The latest is the switch from "insights" to "view competition". This makes no sense! Anyone have feedback?
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IOS "Pro" App - "Insights" now useless!

Everytime I see that the ios app has been updated, I dread the results.  With every update of the app, it seems like for every step forward, Thumbtack takes 2 steps back.  It sure does NOT feel like the developers are listening to the Pro's!

Today's example.........  Insights basically show nothing now!  No list of other bidders and the number of reviews they have.  No graph of the pricing of the other bidders.  All of this was useful information that I use to tailor follow-up messages for auto-bids.

What is the point of this latest change? 

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Re: False leads

Yes, I am in toal agreement with not only the issue of false leads but the actual egitimatcy of a number of job requests in the first place. And now (as of 3:00 p.m. - 10.04.2018) I just noticed that Thumbtack has removed the "View Insights" data stastics regarding the number of ONLINE Pros who have responded to each job request that we've responded to. What a shame and total lack of tranparency. Now ONLINE Pros cannot even tell how many pros Thumbtack is allowing to respond to each job request. All we get now under the "View competition" link is a very limited view stating whether or not the job submitter has contacted anyone, your specific review statistics, and (get this) the "Avg. (job Cat here)" statistics. Now we can no longer see the actual number of ONLINE Pros who have responded. Whether or not anyone has been viewed/contacted/hired. 

Once the transparency is gone how can anyone trust this platform? Time to move on. This platform does nothing to support the actual people who pay for it, and now it does nothing to retain any legitimacy in retaining any quality pros!

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Re: False leads

I didn't realize that the information was gone for good. It was so useful for pricing as well - now it is too general to really use the information effectively. They do have credibilty issues and a lot of disgruntled pros, I think this is only going to add to it with more pros giving them up. 

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Re: Competition

Now "View Insights" is gone and all we see is "Your Competition" but I have no idea how many pros have already sent quotes. I can only see the average rating and response time of pros in general and whether or not any pros have been contacted. This is getting absolutely ridiculous!

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Re: Insights

Please bring back the old insights information!

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Re: Insights

Another new change with no warning!  This is ridiculous!  No insights and No timeline.  Taken away.  Knowing all that information was helpful to learn how best to quote and to see where particular requests have responses generated and learning about our market.  I like to see how many quote that are NOT Instant Matches.  I read each insight after I quote.  Can not understand why this would be taken away.  If we are to pay triple price now - then we should be entitled to more information at least.  Please Jason or Michelle - - explain the reason for taking all this information away.  I would truly like to know the reasoning behind this.  When it was touted so long for be a useful tool that Thumtack offered. So now I can not see my competition, how many others have quoted, what stage of the process the customer is in - price ranges - . . . . .  .  However you are right by using the word "Competition" because it is.  FYI - the word "competition" itself sets an emotional tone to something even in advertising and sales.  "Insights" was a softer way and now you have changed it to a more "survival" view.  Which it is.  However, back to this current change.  Please explain the reason behind this new change.  I will say again, if we are paying triple the price now IF we get contacted . . .   then it only fair that we see all that you have to provide so we can be successful.  Taking away budgets, increasing the number of those who can quote and now taking away our insights . . . .    but triple the price now.  I can not comprehend any of these changes being helpful for pros.  I suppose if everyone is just going to be Instantly Match randomly - why would any of us pros need any information.  We just let TT system send out our info and we just go along our business and wait to see if anyone contacts us.  No personal contact or message or knowledge.  A robotic platform.  To go from a two page insight report on a current quote to a one liner.  Really?  Why hide all this helpful information from us now?  The info is there but TT made a choice to remove it .  Why take away a helpful tool?  Why reduce the information you have been providing? I do look forward to your response.  


IMG_4291 summary.jpginsights - helpful infoIMG-4288pricew.jpginsights - helpful infoIMG_4323.jpgnow: competition no other info provided

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Re: Insights

Amen! I have yet to see any valid justification for why this information is no longer available to ONLINE Pros. Total lack of transparency.

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Re: Insights

Simple! The less we know, the more likely we'll bid and get a response from a requestor, so we  get charged. What TT fails to realize is that taking away essential information so that we're willing to bid on things that we wouldn't bid on if we were privy to the info, is a far inferior way to make money than by empowering the pro with the tools to make him/her successful and as successes, in turn make TT a more valueable site to users, who would flock to the site, eager to work with happy, high quality, successful businesses! Teamwork and partneship is the answer, not playing on pros desperate need to feed themselves and undercutting one another's prices in an attempt to survive. When you only care about your own pockets, it gets real ugly real fast. Working as one, we can accomplish so much and all thrive! Its the root of it all.

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I rely on that data for followup!!!!!!! I look to see how many they viewed, and if they haven't viewed mine, but only the instant match, then I send a followup to let them know that there were more quotes that came in later!!!!

Well, TT, you shot yourself in the foot with that, because now we don't know that info, so now we don't tell them they have more quotes, so now they don't see those quotes so TT loses out on the chance for the person to respond to more of the quotes and pay you more money!!! So, every time I nudge them and they view and respond to more, you rake in more dough! But now that I can't nudge them because I don't have this info, you miss out on making that money. So, in a nutshell, when you took away Insights you just took a 30% hit on profits because now people don't get reminded by me that they have more bids!

PUT IT BACK! IT WASN'T BROKEN!!!! Insights is an ESSENTIAL tool for us. We can't follow up if we don't know what's going on. The info you replaced it with is worthless!