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TackMaster LVphotog

Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

Hi! Yes I have had success with Thumbtack in the past. There are many ways that I have found to use Thumbtack to be beneficial for my business. I am a photographer and I’ve learned what type of client is typically shopping on this platform and use it to promote services to them. After making changes to my preferences (weekly), I have managed to make it work. Is it ideal for everyone? Probably not. Can you make it work? Yes! Just like with any business and business environment, things are constantly changing and you have to be ready for that change! Are there areas that I think Thumbtack should improve upon? Yes. I constantly submit feedback and hope that the changes will come soon! Until then, I have a plan in place.

For those mentioning the Groupon crowd...I believe one reason this is happening, is the way the search results are presented, enhances price shopping. Also, when I googled “best photographers in my area”, thumbtacks links were top two on Page 1 and the headline said “top/best cheap photographers” and “ top/best budget photographers” so that is one thing I hope will change soon.

I am forced to use Promote as my area is over-saturated with photographers and without it I don’t receive any requests. I would prefer to not use Promote but I just try to make it work!

Like anything in life, you get what you give, so find what works for you! 💕
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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???


5 years of Top Pro. Booked approx 80% of the leads that I responded to.

Generated a lot of business, ......nothing.

I will NOT "Promote" (TT keeps sending me out-of-area and mislabeled leads = No Way I'm Paying For That!)




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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

[Steve - Furniture & Rug cleaner]
I am experiencing Very very Good results with TT. However.... I 'cut my teeth' on HomeAdviser. With HA you pay for each bloody-lead sent your way No-Matter-(how bloody DRUNK the customer may have been) -how High/Dlusional the customer might be. (And NEVER intending to 'actually' do a job!) AND with HA the leads were 'shared between 3 to 5 contractors...... Regardless.
So.......? You were FORCED to evolve into a highly competitive "selling machine"...... Or you would rapidly perish. (in MY service)
And I say that as as a "successful" (with MULTIPLE Awards) contractor on H.A. I did (after a year-plus with them) earn the award "Best of The BEST Contractors - 2018"
....... it - was - not - "Easy"....
But Thumbtack is like a "breath of fresh air (by comparison).
Yes..... By comparison? For MY service? I find ThumbTack to be A BLESSING.....
Just ....nnnnNEVER Lose your "edge" & Never become complacent.
And "Work Your Leads"..... "work" the info that ThumbTack gives U.
I am still to hit my FIRST "anniversary" with T.T.
Winter is my WORST season!
And TT made a "Good" winter possible!!! - I cant wait for $ummer!!!
But.... "Work your leads"!
...... I have had a few (cant put a number on it yet).... A FEW do actually take a week or 3 before making actual plans with you.
And? .....OBVIOUSLY.... Many customers are "shotgunning" the internet searching for "someone".

..... I HAVE.... "lost" more than one customer simply bc they have mixed MY contact info up.... With that of another. watch out for ThatToo.... Try your best to "distinguish" yourself.
(i.e. Make Yourself MEMORABLE!)
Customers frequently WILL ...nnnNOT 'follow' up with U.
(nnnnNever count on THEM to do follow-up)
As An Example ..... Say you are "busy" recieving multiple phonecalls AND working at the same time.
LoL ...... I have (literally) had customers calling me AND 'Screaming' (frantic/raising voice at me) for NOT..... showing up!!!
My behaviors (after years of this are QUITE consistent) so it is highly likely the crazy/yelling customer (some female) had called me at a Bad Time - and I most likely entreated her to call me later (imploring HER to please 'call me later' ....when I could make record of our verbal agreement) ....(unable to stop what I was doing).
Her phone number had NO name on it- and there were NO texts associated with her phone#.... (And I "always" follow-up with texts to assure BOTH parties have the same info). And "this" is a mistake I virtually Never Make.
But.... I am finding TT to be an EXCELLENT source of leads. And WELL worth it. We MUST be careful to accurately use/verify cust info thoroughly. Do this, of course, to increase profitability and MAXIMIZING the effectiveness of ThumbTack. (And yes, I DO get a few bad/fake calls "shoppers" who wish to simply answer the question 'How Much'?) Its all just part of the Biz.
But so far..... ThumbTack is ....The BEST.... Source of leads and of great value. (For my cleaning Biz)
I have *ahem* known far FAR worse ways to spend my money.
ThumbTack has been GREAT.
: )
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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)??? I AMMMMM

YES YES YES I'm LOVING thumbtack.

• 60% of my business is coming from this site

• 30% is now repeat business

• 10% outside references

It's all about your pictures and copy! You must write professionally, accurately and sound warm and welcoming. I write every single bid from my own template and then change it per customer for reasons that their parties are different from the last customer. 

I dont beat around the bush, I do charge higher fees than others in my area of expertise. And I DELIVER service! Top notch Service. 

I love TT's customer service, I reach out to them with a concern they have helped me all the way. I make my customers feel special, I pretty much take over sometimes, as they want me to and trust me by the time they meet me. I have alot of contact with each client. Don't misunderstand me, I Have PAID big money to TT over the past few years, but they have gotten my name out there and incredible contacts. I truly love what I do!!

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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

Yes my recommendations:

Read your profile out loud, is it warm, or is it generic and blah blah, does it showcase your expertise and how you will help someone to the fullest and why they would want to hire your services? You have one chance to impress someone, and a fast one, you need to sound amazing!

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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

Answering seriously: Still am, but have to confess that it was MUCH better in the past. 

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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

In a nutshell i would say that YES TT works for us, there are some weeks better than others but there's definitely more pros than cons.  We choose not it use promote and let the customer reach out to us and only respond to customers who took time explaining there request in detail.  As long as we respond quickly, follow up frequently, and deliver the best customer service we have no issues turning leads into jobs.  We dont plan on leaving TT anytime soon! 

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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

@JSGDS That is amazing and great!

However, I am sure that you are not doing anything different than so many of the pros on this board. In your case, you seem to be getting responses from potential customers, in so many other cases, they are getting no responses at all. 

Also, you said "We choose not it use promote and let the customer reach out to us and only respond to customers who took time explaining there request in detail"... perhaps the line of work or location is a factor here, because so few people have had even a hint of success on getting a non-promote lead to respond.

Besides the great profile (that many have), the quick followup (that many do), the personable messages (that many send) - please tell us what you are doing differently?


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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???


  We have taken the time to write great templates to send immediately, so the customer can call us, we answer every phone call, we offer them same day service, we match competitors prices, we have high quality parts, a great web site, we have tons of reviews on FB, Google, Group-on.  But at the end of the day we also have 200+ 5* reviews and our next competitor has less than half, that in itself gets the customer to msg/call us and when they do they dont get a sales rep, or secretary, or manager (they get all of those in one).  So if you were a customer and you get a immediate response from the top rated company with a friendly response/voice and a great track record and priced competitively (not the lowest) why wouldn't they chose us?

If you don't want to be one of the many small businesses failures you need to figure out how to not only adapt to change but thrive!  You cant blame any one but yourself for things not working out.  So many people on here complaining about how "TT does'nt work for me" "I'm not getting jobs" blah blah blah Im here telling you all that TT dose work for us because we figured out how to make it work.  Good luck with your business @MR i hope YOU figure out how to make it work for you! 

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TackMaster Penn-The-Moment

Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

Yes, though these recent times with TT have been tough.... I still get most of my clients through this platform, and am thankful for that.

I must give credit where credit is due. 

All businesses have growing pains. WE must to succeed and succeed well. We have to make changes to the ever-changing world around us. Yes, some changes influence and affect others for good, and bad. If we can stick through the tough times and still grow in a positive manner, then we will succeed. It is working with what you got, adding to it, putting all your energy into making your business better, and then prospering off all you did. You can't sit around and hope that someone comes along and hands you the keys to success. You have to work for it and work hard! 

We must remember why we started. If you started just to be exceedingly wealthy, and think it is easy, and not have to work so hard... well I am here to tell you that you will likely fail. You must work hard to run a continually prospering business. I am a photographer for example. If I did this just to take pictures all day and have fun. Then I should go work for someone who runs a photography business.  However, I must love to run a business. 90% of what I do is business. If you don't want to run a business, and only love the fun part of what you do, I suggest you go do that. Being with TT is part of running that business. It is the connection of the lead with the pro. They to are running a business. At the end of the day it's all business. The one that succeeds is the one that does it well.  Do what you love, and love what you do! 

Thank You @DustiO for the tag. Smiley Happy