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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

@Penn-The-Moment Thank you for sharing! I agree that it is all about hard work!!! 

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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

@Penn-The-Moment this is awesome! Thank you for sharing Smiley Happy 

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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???


Yes! I am having success with Thumbtack. 


1) What line of work you are in?

>>I'm own a Professional Organizing company.

2) Where generally you are located?

>> I'm in Philadelphia, PA. I work in Philly, the suburbs surrounding Philly, Northern Delaware, and Southern New Jersey.

3) Do you use promote?

>> I do use promote. I have it on at all times.

4) About how long have you been with Thumbtack? 

>> I joined Summer of 2017 I believe so almost 2 years.

5) Are you more successful in the last 6 months than before that? (if applicable)

>> I am more successful, but I will add that my company's growth on Thumbtack is similar to my organic sales and even my referrals. 

6) Why you consider things to be successful?

>> I'm not sure exactly what you're asking here. Is it how I personally measure success or why do I think I'm successful right now? It's hard to know exactly why you're successful but for 1, business is business. I'm good at business and I enjoy it. I will also say, from the beginning, I saw Thumbtack as a partner, I read all of the info they could give me and took all of their advice and their advice has ALWAYS worked for me. I've spoken with many Thumbtack employees and even met some of them personally at events and they really do care. I think I'm successful on Thumbtack because I've listened to what they've had to say, taken their input to heart, added my own flair that works for me outside of Thumbtack, and focused on making the Thumbtack platform work FOR ME and my company. I have always taken to heart and trusted the research they have spent countless hours and dollars incorporating from customers for not only themselves but for us. So, in summation, I've listened to, absorbed, and modified for myself, all of the data that they say works and all of the data I know works for me outside of Thumbtack.

7) Besides "respond quickly and often" and "have a great profile"... what advice would you give us having troubles?

>> Be a customer... try it yourself. The first thing you see is the list of pictures, company names, how many reviews they have and how many hires. In competition you want all of those to be the best. You will want the best picture, the best company name, the best quality and number of reviews, and the most amount of hires. End of story. So, think of everything listed in promote, which is what they see first in a list of others, as your visual appearance. Your profile is the first conversation. 

So that being said, let's say you're at a bar.... (I know, where am I going with this? Trust me... people choose contractors, service workers, and anyone else on the internet, much like they choose a date. The data is out there.) So at the bar, let's say there's average 1:10 ratio of the opposite sex. Your appearance is a huge factor in all attraction, including business (which is why branding is so important)and just as important with promote. Well, adding to your outward appearance on Thumbtack, the profile is that first conversation with the person you're interested in. If you don't communicate well or give too little info about your business and what you do, but you have a nice appearance, it still may put some people off. If you blab on for way too long and give too much communication, similarly off-putting. Tweaking this may take time, but certainly, take the time to do so.

SO, my point above about the bar is that appearance is 100% key, but the first conversation is how you lock them in (your profile). Third, is that first real connection with them. When you are in business, all of this matters for everyone. This isn't just the case on Thumbtack... this is life as a business owner. Yes, your profile needs to be awesome, but your outward initial appearance is even more important. Get a great and professional picture. It's an investment that will be worth it. Focus on the great reviews. Make sure you're marking everyone who's hired you as hired. Get those numbers up! In your picture, look honest and personable. This alone will set you apart from 80% or more of the other companies (your competitors on Thumbtack! Speaking of them, seek successful people in your industry (you can zip code search anywhere) and figure out what they're doing right. See how you can emulate what they're doing. 

My advice is that if you see people out there being successful in your industry on Thumbtack, you need to figure out why and meet that standard if you want to be successful, but blaming Thumbtack does nothing for anyone on here (not saying you personally are doing that, just seeing this as an easy trap as a business owner to get yourself into). If there is not one successful pro in your industry on Thumbtack, then (maybe) you can blame Thumbtack for the failure on this platform. I personally don't see the world like that because I would never judge my success or failure on Thumbtack. For me, it is my responsibility to get my business out there and customize it to the platform I'm on, where my customers are, and be successful. I've determined my customers are here on Thumbtack and that's why I'm here. If your customers aren't here, go to where they are!

I hope I can help. I generalized a lot and wasn't just talking specifically to you in most cases. Let me know if you want clarification on anything. Also, it's been a long day, I'm sure there's a lot of typos, please excuse them. Thanks, Laura.


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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

Good Analogy (dating)

The customer IS "looking for something" & have preconcieved notions. So you MUST match the preconceived notion.....

The first conversation. In MY service? The work itself is dreary, physical, repetitive & CAN be back-breaking. ........ After a while it begins to SHOW in the voice of the contractor.

Its JUST LIKE... A date!
D'ya want your customer to gain the impression you are Bored, Weary, Worn-out, or utterly Jaded & Cynical (& posting max-price WHILE sounding jaded?)

IF- You can CONVINCE the customer you are Strong, Energetic, Knowledgable AND Enthusiastic...
Who do U ...think... Will be chosen?
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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

Thank you to all you incredible pros who are sharing your experiences and tips with each other. That's what we like to see here in the Community! 

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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???



what line of work you are in?

Residential Cleaning (we do offer other services but we don't seek leads for those services on TT)


where generally you are located?

The Metro Detroit area

Do you use promote?

No,  I've discussed this on the boards before but promote is not nuanced enough for my company's needs.  I chose to not reach out to as many as 80% of the leads from my area in the jobs tab.

About how long have you been with Thumbtack?

Almost exactly 2 years

Are you more successful in the last 6 months than before that? (if applicable)

I'm going to break that down further. 

For the last 3 months I'm as successful on TT as I was for the first year. But I suspect that is in large part due to a very significant price increase in March, that eliminated many pros from responding.  


For the 3 months proceeding I was significantly less successful with TT, because I wasn't using promote so I wasn't spending very money but I was also generation virtually zero meaningful conversation.


Why you consider things to be successful?


In no particular order and as it pertains to a lead generating service....


  1. Maintaining an acceptable ROI
  2. Generating enough leads that convert into clients to accomplish the sales goals for a time period.  E.g. If I am trying to fill 10 appointments in a week , a service that cost $5 but only generates 1 appointment a month is not successful. 
  3. Generating the type of leads that retain their profitability as clients. Since much of my business is recurring services and the leads are priced accordingly.  Samples: repeat touch up cleaning are popular for people selling their homes BUT this is a short term temporary service. If I know leads are coming from an add on a "sell your home" page. I know the retention rate is much lower and adjust the price I'm willing to pay for the lead.   Same thing applies if the keyword that bought them to a site was "bargain/cheap" etc.
  4. This is a bit more intangible but I consider a relationship with a lead generator successful if the generator excels at filling a specific need.    Because I provide service in people homes and have 3-6 appointments per crew pre day at times leads in very specific location benefit me a great deal.  I'm willing to pay more for that single customer that is 7 minutes away from the days previous appointment.


Besides "respond quickly and often" and "have a great profile"... what advice would you give us having troubles.

Read the messages and know your customer base and  pass on when it's a bad fit, pass when the request is "weird".  Pass on lead types that have a poor ROI. I'm happy with TT because I don't bid every job.  I only reach out when I am available to reply to a contact instantly for at least a hour.  I still use TT and in the last 3 months I'm overall happy with TT but I will have to diversify in my next growth stage. I was so successful with TT a year ago I let it take over my non-referral advertising. Understand how the way a client reaches out to you/first sees yous alters their expecations and wants/needs.  to be continued

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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???



A common referral source for me is real estate agents. I know that they generally want me to be very brief and to have 24-48 hour turn around time.  They don't get the same response that a TT lead gets ,a referral from another cleaning company or a past client gets.  TT leads get a completely different but still very brief reply with a call to action and note that many other service options are available.

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Re: Is Anyone Having Success (serious question)???

Video producer. No. Nada. Picked up a few jobs when we initially listed early last year, but it’s dried up. I liked using Thumbtack to fill dates during slow periods, and I still get notifications, but nothing is coming through worth pursuing. A budget of $150 to film a sports team all day and deliver a reel at the end of the day is downright insulting. That’s the quality of requests I’ve been seeing.