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Why have qualified leads virtually disappeared (again)? For most of this year I received more qualified leads than I could handle. Suddenly I've now gotten exactly one in six weeks, and that was a ghost. Has Thumbtack exhausted its advertising budget for the year, or is there some other reason for this dropoff?

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Leads

Thanks for reaching out about this @yeeditor I have passed on your concerns on to our product team. With the holidays and such coming up, it could very well just be a slow time of year for your service. Definitely keep an eye on it and keep us updated! 

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Leads for me have dropped dramatically in recent weeks

this may just be in my industry, or it could be because of the holiday coming up. However I have noticed that since the last big change at thumbtack my leads have dropped dramatically. I have always hit my budget by Thursday of each week in the past.

Since Thumbtack made the change in the way it charges us a few weeks ago I've been lucky to hit 60% of my budget.
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Re: Leads

I remember a big deal was made a few years ago that TT was doing a nationwide marketing campaign.

I saw a total of 1 TV ad.

I have yet to see anything else in Phoenix, AZ.

No TV, web ads, print, billboards. NOTHING.

TT is now a $1.3B company. Can't they do something FOR the Pro's instead of just taking?


Moderator Kameron

Re: Leads

@PhoenixPhotog there was a similar question asked about Thumbtack advertising in a recent town hall with our CEO. Be sure to check out the post and video here: 2019 Year-End Pro Town Hall with Marco.

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