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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

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I understand that a quick and timley responce is important. Someimes I don't get reviews from my students right way. It takes time for them to write a review. Do I need a 5 star review all the time to quality? Thank you

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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

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I was a top pro for 4 years straight now I'm not due to a bad review from a customer who wouldn't pay their final bill. They also didn't pay the DJ. I contacted tt and explained what happened and they said they would look into it. They tried to contact this person and she didn't respond. She accused me of throwing away her wedding cake. I made this cake, why would I throw it away? I sent tt screen shots of our conversation. Absolutely nothing was done and they wouldn't remove her review. I work hard to be a top caterer and feel very screwed over bu tt. Not to mention the prices are way to high. GO BACK TO THE OLD PRICING. Us pro would appreciate not getting screwed over anymore. I don't even care about your top pro program anymore. So frustrated with Thumbtack.
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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

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Thumbtack had been great to me . I was busy on 2018 but you are right pricing when up a little too much
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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

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In order to become a Top Pro, you need at least 5+ verified reviews and a 4.8 average star rating over a 12 month period.  So, you don’t need all 5-star reviews in order to be a Top Pro! Just make sure your average star rating stays above 4.8


If you want more reviews, keep in mind that It is reasonable to send reminders to clients asking for a review.  I explain how important it is for a small business, etc..

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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

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     As many PRO's know, not EVERY project can go without a hiccup.  I have received only one bad review from work in which I was performing, and I had the chance to get back with the customer and make everything right.  With that being said, if someone leaves a negitive review concerning something left incomplete or not to their standard and the PRO is able to resolve the situation, I feel we, (The PRO), should also be able to resolve the review.  Thanks for your time.



Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

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So, I'm back as a Top Pro after losing it for a while due to a lady I never actually worked with giving me one star.

Anyway, I'd just like to say that it would be much fairer for Thumbtack to charge for a lead once we accept it.

For instance I get a lead and they are asking if I take insurance (it says in my profile I don't) but they have clicked the button 'what's next' or whatever and Thumback have already charged me for this so called 'lead'. I reply to say no. Instead I should be able to politely say no and refuse the lead and get reimbursed for it.

In fact I notice how iritated I get when I see all these so called 'leads' that mostly are not, and how I have already been changed for them before I even see it. If it's not appropriate, like a guy wanting me to make him into a baby for instance, I don't want to be charged. It has made Thumbtack very expensive.

It would help a lot if clients could actually write themselves what they want rather than just clicking a preset button. It would get rid of a lot of the people just playing. Then we should be allowed discernment as to what's a viable lead or not.

It is a great hub though and it means I have clients I would otherwise never have met, and I appreciate your efforts to improve the service.

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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

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Thanks for your post, @Helenbasinger! And congratulations on this awesome accomplishment! First of all, you should pat yourself on the back because this is no easy feat. You’re among an incredible group of professionals. Here are some next steps you might consider:

  • Keep up the great work: keep getting lots of great reviews to maintain your Top Pro status when we have our next evaluation cycle in July
  • Share your accomplishment: post your badge on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (#ThumbtackTopPro). You could display your badge on your website as well!
  • Keep posting in our Online Community: this is the place to get all the information you need to keep winning.  It’s also the place to share some of your tips with other pros, if you’re up for it! Remember, only 4% of all pros on Thumbtack currently qualify as Top Pros; the other 96% are eager to learn from you!

I hear you that it's frustrating to get leads that don't feel relevant or intentful.  We want you to get a good match, always! The good news here is that declining these leads doesn't affect your Top Pro status.  Just make sure you decline them. 

We're also working hard to help your profile stand out, so that customers actually read all of the awesome content you're writing there, so that they're not asking you questions that you've already replied to on your profile.  We know that can be annoying!

Also, if you ever get a lead that's inappropriate, you should always contact our support team. We have whole teams of folks who are on the look out for this type of thing, and want to make sure that Thumbtack is always a safe and positive experience for our pros.  Report anything that's problematic or upsetting, and we'll reimburse you if it's inappropriate!

Finally, make sure you've updated your preferences and settings.  That's how we make sure we get you the best possible leads - the ones that best match you and your business. 

Any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.  @Kameron and @Meckell and all of us are here to help!

Thanks again, @Helenbasinger! We're so grateful for all that you do!

Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

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Hi I was a Top Pro for the last period. Then in December we had less availability since our recurrent clients had us booked for the month. And now for January we are not Top Pros anymore. We just got a new truck (the 3rd one) and are expecting to win more clients during february. The use we give to the app surely is important but We beleive availability shouldn't have such impact on your profile. We also beleive that declining a client is going to close any option with them in the future its kind of rude its not the same to pass on someone that haven't make any direct contact with you but declining someone already tried will close the doors for ever.

With the new search results thumbtack is not assuring "ready to buy clients" anymore they are shopping around and the cost for replying is too expensive compared with google adwords. In my case is 6 times higher many many clients reply with I am not ready yet I will contact you later but they don't si you start seeing less value on the quotes.
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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

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hi i am not familiar with Top Pro status on Thumbtack how do i achieve that?

thank you

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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

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The overall changes have been less then favorable

My comment is about the way Thumbtack is rating the pros I think you should change the rating to:
1. number of years as a pro
2. Pros customer reviews versus mixing everyone together because now you have new pros mixed with seasoned pros. as a five-year seasoned pro it’s unfair. This is my opinion and I’m sticking to it 🤗