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Thumbtack Employee CourtneyF
Thumbtack Employee

Let’s talk about promoting your business

Hi everyone, I’m Courtney, and I’m the product marketing manager responsible for a new feature you’ve probably seen in your Thumbtack app. As of a couple months ago, you have the option to promote your business. I’m here to clarify what that means and how you can use it to get in front of more customers.

In order to understand promoting your business, it’s important to first understand search results and how you rank. On the old Thumbtack, customers would fill out information on a job, and you paid to quote on that job. Now, when the customer enters their information, they see a list of pros instantly in search results, and customers will contact you if they’re interested.

To see what this looks like to customers, go to the Thumbtack customer view and search for a project in your category to see what the experience is. Don’t worry, pros won’t get charged when you search, but make sure you don’t contact any of them! Play around with filters and see how your rank changes. Then come back and ask me your questions!

If you’re looking to boost your rank to get in front of the right customers, I recommend looking into promoting your business. You’ll get a 20% discount on leads. Because you’ve told us these are the jobs you’ll always want, you’ll also pay automatically for these leads. You’ll still have control of exactly where and when you work and the type of job you want. You can also set your weekly budget for better control.

So tell me, what questions or feedback do you have about promoting your business? How can we help make promoting more effective for you?

Here’s how to participate:

  • Reply below with your question or idea by 5pm EST on Monday, February 18th
  • Please limit to one question or idea in a single post so I can respond to as many pros as possible
  • I will sign on around 5:30 EST on the 18th answering your questions and comments. I might also tag you in one or more of my earlier responses if I’ve already answered a similar question
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