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Thumbtack Employee cjk
Thumbtack Employee

Let’s talk about search results

Hey pros! I’m Chris, the product manager responsible for some of the updates you’ve been hearing about lately.

As you’ve been hearing recently, you’re about to start showing up instantly in Thumbtack search results. This is different than what you’re used to, since we’re no longer requiring that customers submit a request form in order to receive pro quotes. We made this change because in the old quote system, 80% of customers never saw any pros, which means you were losing business. Check our help center for more information on how Thumbtack works.

In this new world, your profile will appear before more customers than ever before -- 3 times as many.  And it won’t cost you anything unless a customer reaches out to you when they think you’re a good fit for their job. Once they’ve contacted you, it’s up to you to seal the deal by responding quickly and answering their questions. Take a look at our Help Center for more information on search results, and check out this video:

We’re always trying to be better, so we’re going to keep making improvements. To do that, we want your feedback! What questions do you have about the changes we’re making? What would you like to see included in future updates? Stay tuned for a future Q&A about how you rank in search results.

Post your ideas below by Tuesday, November 13th, and you’ll get a response from me next week. Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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Re: Let’s talk about appearing in search results

Hey Chris, is Angel owner of
thank you and all the team. This type of service has opened such a market and employment for so many. Ever since I joined Thumbtack, my life and the quality of it has been much, much better. I'm now a contractor in my community that delivers only top quality services.
Thanks again!
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Re: Let’s talk about appearing in search results

What if a customer reaches out to you but they are not a fit for what you offer? Are we still charged for that contact? I like being able to view a customer’s request and determine for myself as to whether I want to reply to their need or not (hence why I don’t use Instant Match).

And what about Pros that don’t share specific pricing? How do they show up in your search results? In the video above, each of the Pros has a specific quote amount. My services are centered on three core packages based on my clients’ current needs and budget so I’m unable to provide a one-size-fits-all price quote without gleaning essential info first. From the customer’s standpoint, how is pricing shown in the search results for Pros who typically reply with ‘Need More Info’ on custom manual quotes? What does that look like?
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Re: Let’s talk about appearing in search results

I would like to know that as well.  I am a part-time professional magician that uses Thumbtack in getting most of my business.  I also like being able to view a customer's request and determine for myself if I want to reply or not.  I also don't share specifi pricing becuase I travel to my clients and my prices reflect travel times as well as specific needs for the type of magic show they want.  So I am very curious to know how my listing will show for a customer when I don't have any pricing.

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Re: Let’s talk about appearing in search results

I think it's great that Thumbtack is continuing to improve how Pros get business. I still like the process of me reviewing a potential client. The descriptions they provide give me a good idea as to whether they will be a good fit for my business. I offer various services and one price does not fit all.

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Re: Let’s talk about appearing in search results

I like reviewing my potential client as well

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Re: Let’s talk about appearing in search results

I also agree!
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Re: Let’s talk about appearing in search results

Yes me too.
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Re: Let’s talk about appearing in search results

how about you spend some if your adjusted revenue on helping our Customers better understand what communication is required to successfully connect with a contractor...EXAMPLE: Customer places a request for quote with a due date two days from request date. Is thia realiamstic when most contractors are two weeks out - or more. summary: help the Customer understand what lead time is needed so we can help them better
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Re: Let’s talk about appearing in search results

Well said, our business also echoes your concerns. Thanks for posting. 

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