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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Make pro pricing and rates more upfront for customers
topic id 24883: Filtering out customers with certain budgets based on pro preferences
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Re: Let’s talk about search results

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 TT should create an area in the same location as the pricing info for this purpose. I know danged well that people are generally lazy when searching for services, and their tunnel vision is focused on PRICE. When they find their PRICE, their eyes glaze over and do not see any relevent information located elsewhere in a listing. This is a huge flaw in TT's thought process. They do not ask enough of consumers, and overburden their 'Pro's' to make up for it. I've been dealing with other internet companies like TT for a long time, and have seen many failures. IMO, the writing is on the wall. Like every single one of those other companies,

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Re: Let’s talk about search results

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I think it's great that your trying to improve the way pros get leads the problem I've had is customers contract me then never replied to my quotes & I was still charged. Now I just finished school for home inspections & I don't have much money to pay a bunch of money to spend not get call backs or goes nowhere.
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Re: Let’s talk about search results

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Thanks for posting, @BuckeyeBoys2141! I know it’s important that the customers reaching out to you are serious about hiring — you want to make sure your money and time are well spent. The good news is that having your business appear in search results actually helps price shoppers by giving them exactly what they’re looking for up front. And they don’t have to contact you to find this information, which means you don’t have to pay. This is one reason why adding your price estimates is important, even if you only add a starting price. The more useful information you can provide up front, the better.

When we send you a lead, that means the customer has decided to contact you from a whole list of pros. The customer wants to learn more about working with you, so they’ve also provided more details about their job.

Here’s more about how it works on the customer’s end:

  • First, customers will see a list of relevant pros in search results
  • If they’re interested, customers will check out your profile to learn more.
  • If a customer decides to reach out to you, we ask them for all the relevant details about their job. We want to make sure customers are serious enough that they take the time to provide their job details. This means higher quality leads for you. It also means you can assess whether the lead is right for you.
    • If you’re promoting your service and the details of the customer’s job match your preferences, you automatically pay for the lead and get a 20% discount.
    • If their job doesn’t match the preferences you’ve set or you aren’t promoting your service, then you get to review the details of the job before accepting and paying for the lead. If it’s not a good fit, you can decline the lead and you won’t pay a cent!

You should also know that we give customers a place to learn the average cost of their job before they start their search for a pro. This increases the chance that when a customer reaches out, they’re more ready to hire instead of just shopping for prices.

As always, we want to know how things are going for you. So never hesitate to let us know.

Thanks to these pros who sent similar feedback about the quality of leads you're getting!

@Theresa @DJStevie @Fastef @incognitii @ALLSteve @Shuddrbug1 @Knightmagic @JohnSouerbry @MaggieWagner @ToonGuy @sjarrett @JustinPro @Faaz99 @AutumnElectric @MYteddydog1 @allen @jeffsnbama @tjgholar @redfoxdinners @DariusFre @Pool2001 @Smuhammad32 @NYC-Officiant @Taurus_DJs @nyureyez @mikemikerson @javinha @NspectorJeff @HedgehogHS @Al9226 @Riosm28 @SocalFitSteve @Aj__ @Teachballroom @Pianotech @regina3255 @traynorpiano @ReeseTee @Wy @Ca @BuckeyeBoys2141 @mmyang99 @mjacklin @jaxxie59 @Tony1981 @PMorse @carlarhea @lovenlacewedct @DVDI_Video @writingcoachron @MitsRia @71141v @sombat2 @OutlookJonathan @FoM @Beez @Marryyouido @Burgstahler @LWJ @carpentryman @Marioninyc @Mizzterria05 @Aherbel @CanadA9457 @kimkotary @Wah-Heed @WGACSC @Rezns @Henry @koti0007 @IMMAPhotography @Diceofseven @mickeynightrain @Campingram @reelcello @Mymaymay-26 @HappyPaws @brad0321 @christya @Camezo @judyG @petermooremusic @Jonthegingbeard @trainerann @KSV4U @CoachBob @Cpfahler @Rn4fldhcky @lsepeds @Israel @NeilBardach @Tfdesign @Jamiegeddes @SBP @AdjustingSpace @Mad_Dash_Art @Renedicicco @fredascott

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Re: The "new" Thumbtack

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I have several questions about my profile appearing in search results:

1) Do I get a chance to pass on the request before a potential customer contacts me and before I pay? I have my own customers outside TT and a heavy workload right now, so I can't always take on TT requests. I don't want to be automatically charged for contacts on jobs I can't do.

2) Can I look at the request first, as I can now, to see if it's something I want to do, in my area, etc.? If not, I will have to go into my Skills and narrow them down to just the ones that have reasonable quote costs  that I can absorb into the job and the ones that I can take on right now. That would be a shame to miss out on a job close by that I wanted and could easily do. Some categories just cost too much to quote on -- not cost effective considering the low price I have to quote to get the job, like the Window Treatment Installation category. 

3) What do you do about potential customers who are just fishing for information, not the work? I have had several requests/contacts where people just want to know what they should pay for a service outside of TT, not wanting me to do the work. I am still charged for the quote however. Also, as a general rule, I never answer requests that are just seeking information and not ready to have the work done. I have been burned there. I want to be paid for my knowledge, not be charged to give it out.

4) I screen calls on my iPhone and do not answer any that I cannot identify. What happens when a TT potential customer calls me? What shows up on caller ID? It would be great if caller ID showed "Thumbtack."

5) While I'm on my soap box, I just want to suggest that you distinguish between outside house shutters and inside house window shutters in the Window Treatments Skills category. Better yet, have an "Exterior Shutters" category under Home Improvements and be more descriptive with the interior window shutters category under "Window Treatments" to tell customers that you mean interior, so they don't confuse it with outdoor shutters.

6) When I go to my TT email on my iPhone and click on a link that will take me to my TT account, I want to go directly into my TT app, not a login screen in my internet browser. I don't usually remember my TT login password and so usually just give up, click out of that screen and not respond altogether. 

Thanks for your Help!


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Re: The "new" Thumbtack

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The ENTIRE "new" TT ( I lost track of how many versions now ) is a HUGE TRAIN WRECK


START OVER - kinda like when TT actually kinda worked.

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Re: The "new" Thumbtack

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Too many questions unanswered for us. We have no idea if we can even use this "new" format. I need to think about all of it. Right now, I am too busy working to even deal with all of these ever changing TT business models that are supposedly "improvements" for their Pros. Yet all the threads on these forums are from disgusted Pros?

I went to the advanced tab on my profile and unchecked all three boxes at the bottom. Then I went to the calendar and marked every day and every hour in each day blocked out for the next month. This will give me time to watch and evaluate the fallout from another TT "beneficial upgrade".  Will this ever stop and settle down?    

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Re: Let’s talk about search results

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I want clarity about this:

"And it won’t cost you anything unless a customer reaches out to you when they think you’re a good fit for their job."

When it is so much easier for a customer to just click a button to get a quote from me instead of perusing my profile to get more basic information, and if Thumbtack decides that's a quality lead and that I should be charged for it, then the result will be that I'm going to end up being charged a lot of money for leads I previously would have sorted out and not replied to.

Easy button = easy money for thumbtack?

If this is the result you will see me and a bunch of other pros jumping ship, unless there's a way to opt out and filter quotes the old way.

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Re: Let’s talk about search results

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My question is can we pause insta match or promote search if we get to busy to handle more business? 

Also I'm trying to understand why a license verification isn't required by Thumbtack for the electrical trade? It is a felony to conduct any form of electrical work that exceeds $500  in the state of Florida. It's also is illegal to even advertise electrical work as well. It doesn't seem fair to licensed individuals that we have to compete for estimates with techs who don't have a legitimate business.

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Re: Let’s talk about search results

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This sounds good to start but as the pro will we know : 

1. how much we're going to be charged to reply to the potential client

2. how serious they are about actually hiring a pro 

3. if there's a way to be charged a smaller amount to contact the person and then a larger amount when they actually sign on?