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Hello all.

I have just 3 packages for clients,

A $299, $500 and $1,000 package

Its really hard to charge below these packages and have to drive 50 or

more miles away, but many Thumbtack clients want 8 or 9 hours at my $299

or $500 rate which is ridiculous. I even had a client ask if it includes a photo booth.

My question is, is Thumbtack geared at low ball clients exclusively?



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Re: Lowballers

@thediscountdj I do find that virtually all of the leads I connect with on TT are very cost sensitive and generally not willing to pay market rate in my area. In fact, I do get a few looking for free legal services, of which I refer to a legal clinic. That said, one option that does seem to remind the lead that they will have to pay for the services, and something my other lead generation services are already doing, is ask how they plan on paying (cash, credit card, family) for the services as part of the initial intake. 

Although that really does not provide a guarantee of much, it does remind the lead up front that money will be needed to purchase the service.


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Re: Lowballers

Most lead generation services provide low class leads and have multiple pros competing for business which drives down your prices

Generate your own leads by setting up a website the quality of lead is far superior at a fraction of the cost

And we a charge a callout/consultation which is credited towards the cost of the job.

This way youre not out of pocket and the call out charge does away with tire kickers.


Re: Lowballers

Thanks for starting this conversation @thediscountdj. What feedback do you have for us to help this situation for you? I understand how this could be frustrating and I'm happy to hear out any ideas you have. 

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Re: Lowballers

Meckell,This is not frustating in the least

WE used lead generation services years ago and encountered similar issues to what the pros are experiencing now.This forum is full of highly dissatisified  professionals who are not happy paying exorbitant prices for a persons name.NOTHING ELSE,No phone number ,No email address no actual address

On a website page before you submit a request this information is mandetory

So what we have done is  provided them with a much cheaper solution,with a superior quality lead.

Im sure you would agree as its makes more sense.

Please let me know if you have any further questions

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Re: Lowballers

You're spot on. I'd like to know if I'm bidding against companies who even have any overhead. Are they legitimate companies? We design and build creative and custom landscapes. We have lower overhead than some in our industry. But my prices are always too high. We are dealing with boulder installations, retaining walls, patios. All dangerous work to both the clients property and my crew. I spend money on the lead, have a fast turnaround time on my proposals and never hear back. I'm noticing more and more that other contractors aren't responding to clients requests. Cant blame them at this point, if they're having the same experience I am.

Re: Lowballers

I feel ya. As a graphic designer, I've been lately seeing folks looking for complete website overhauls/new designs for "Under $500 (typically only for minor work)." It's like, seriously??? Do they not see the "typically only for minor work" portion when they are searching for a Pro? There is no way I'm doing a brand new website for under $500!


Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 5.45.29 PM.pngWebsite budgets WAY TOO LOW.

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Re: Lowballers

A DJ event for 9 hours came in my Jobs tab today. Who in the heck has a 9 hour party? Their budget? $400-$500. Are you kidding me? That budget doesn't come anywhere close to what I would charge. TT indeed caters to the lowballers. One of the questions they ask their customers is: 'How much are you open to spending? Please select all that apply". TT should be telling their customer what the service pro should be expected to pay! Not them tell me what they are willing to pay!

Hankster 7/15/19