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Re: Misleading '3 Month stats'

It's a compettetive market. I use three other online lead sites like Thumbtack. I also use adwords, have close relationships with a couple of talent agencies, I get repeat gigs from past clients, my do own prospecting, I attend networking groups. I recently landed a residency at an local restaurant, very nice venue, seating for 100+ which if it works out will be a guaranteed gig every couple of months.

Oh, and my 3 Month stats changed from 139/51 to 140/52 today. Weirdly I never saw a Job in my jobs tab to account for the now 140 jobs that have supposedly been posted in my area over the last 90 days. This is why I think the 3 Month insight figures are out of whack.


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Re: Misleading '3 Month stats'

It’s all just smoke and mirrors. ;-)

Re: Misleading '3 Month stats'

At least you can see your stats!!

I've been asking for 5 or 6 months for them to fix whatever glitch is causing my stats to not show up...


It's great info to have, when it's available.

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Misleading '3 Month stats'

@ScottArcangel are you referring to your insights? I just looked and I see that they are indeed available for you. 

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Re: Misleading '3 Month stats'

@Meckell  Wow, thank you for looking! I appreciate that.

Yes - I'm looking at my NY-profile leads under the "compare to other pros" tab.

**they are indeed available - but don't show comparison information. Can you see data that I can't?


Here is what I see - 




No data from other pros to compare it to...


In addition to that, I have an open case with tech support regarding my average response time - which according to my calculations should be at about 30 minutes, and hopefully they are able to take time to look at that for me.


But I do appreciate you looking and responding -



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