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New Message Requests?

Hello - I recieved a new type of message today that stated:

(Free Quote) Katie U. just requested your service on Thumbtack .

I usually get:

Thumbtack: Cara E: needs Quilting (remote).


What's up with this new type of message?

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Moderator Jordan

Re: New Message Requests?

Hey there @QuilterinIowa looks like this is a direct message from Katie. Just means she was searching for quilters in her area (for example on Google) and your Thumbtack profile popped up in the results. On your profile, there's an option for the customer to "contact this pro." It was free to quote because your preferences are a little different than what she marked on the request. You have "I work remotely" as your travel preference and she marked that she'd travel to the professional. However, since she looked over your profile and clicked the "contact this pro" option, we didn't want to stop the two of you from connecting. Once the two of you get talking, you can just let her know you work remotely. Hope this helps clear up your question!

Re: New Message Requests?

Thanks for the clarification. Just a couple more questions:

Is there something I need to change on my profile? 

Can customers see individual pros on here before we respond to their requests?

Moderator Jordan

Re: New Message Requests?

You're welcome Smiley Happy

The way your preferences are set are totally up to you. If you're wanting to make any sorts of adjustments (or even just get reacquainted since we've updated a bunch in the last several months), you can check out this article:

They sure can! If you search a type of service and a location in google (or any search engine), Thumbtack will pop up with some matches. They just won't be able to see any contact info unless they put in a request.


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Something I noticed , is request "saying be the first to contact". And after you send your customer a quote you see that they already have 3 or 4 other companies . Has anyone else seen this?
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Re: Request

Yes we have noticed this same thing. We noticed total hiding of the number of Contacts, untill We the Pro communicated with the new client starting back when TT began their roll out of the newest incarnation of Instant Match.

Im glad you mentioned this happening to you also. If TT is purposely hiding this vital info to take more money from their Pro's, I would see this as a betrayal of good ethics and potentiality illegal if we are not informed of this tactic up front.

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Re: Request

the app, and using it on PC, like I USED to use are not in synch. Never has been. How can a company whose platform is  technology based not have accurate, synched information...?

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Re: Request

I decided to use my comp instead of my phone today and I was amazed that I have 0 request on my phone and 73 on my computer. 

Moderator Jordan

Re: Request

Hi @handymanmarq this might be a simple fix. Have you checked your notification settings recently? To get requests on your phone, you'll want to make sure text is turned on: If this isn't the problem, shoot me a private message and I'd be happy to look more into it.

Moderator Meckell

Re: Request

Hi @jambauer we see how there might be some confusion. We've switched over to Pros Contacted a little bit ago. With this, you'll see how many pros the customer has reached out to (so if it says 0, the customer had messaged 0 pros). This will show how many pros the customer is in contact with and will help you gauge whether or not you want to quote.