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Re: No Client Budget...How Will Fees Be Determined?

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"we are being heard"?   Miss Meckell -  So -  TT listen to Pros and made the decision to implement the following:

Pros expressed to TT that they wanted to compete against 14 others and it would help them stand out and better their booking odds.

Pros said they were willing to pay triple cost because competing against 14 other made their lead much more valuable and would be worth it. - its bothersome.

Pros didn't need to see budgets anymore.  Photographer, caterers, etc. complained and said please take this feature away.

Pros expressed that seeing the total insights of all those that quoted a job was too much for them to see and a waste of time to read - please remove this feature.  But do show me all the information possible of the person who Actually got contacted from the job I am interested in - even though they didn't contact me.


This is the message you are putting out to us.


And again - - -  why are these annoucement being made on a community board and not a mass email to all TT Professioanls across the country.  I have not recieved any informative inforamtion or "annoucement" of changes recently in a corporate email.  That seems . . . . . .   odd.  



Re: No Client Budget...How Will Fees Be Determined?

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Im quoting blind because we dont know the budgets, so this "leads" are replying to me"the fee is too far outside my budget" or asking me How much do I charge, when my fee is stated on my orginal message. And when I tell them again, my fee no more contact.... (out of the budget)

he fee is too far outside my budget, so I speak with Support Team,  (They removed my Pro Assitant)

""Hi Diego,
Thanks for reaching out to us regarding your quotes to Albert, Merry, Tina and Jacquie. I'm so sorry these jobs haven't  work out for you. Here at Thumbtack, our job is to introduce you with customers in your area that need your service. Once we have made a successful introduction, it is up to you to speak with the customer, negotiate price, and win over their business to get hired. I do understand from you feedback yesterday your prices are not like others who use our site and have experience that they might not. 

I wanted to give you a little insight into the messaging between each customer:
Albert: looks like you could send a second follow up see if he is interested. 
Merry: conversation started yesterday and I recommend a follow up.
Tina: She stated she wanted email follow up to you estimate.
Jacquie: stated budget was too high but there was no follow up with finding a common ground for pricing. 

We do leave it up to you to win the job and discuss pricing with the customers in order to get work. I am noticing once a customer stats that your prices are too high there is not a follow up to what is a price they are willing to pay. For now, I cannot offer refund, but I am willing to offer a refund for Jacquie and Albert once there is follow up with all the customers.
These customers are showing interest in your work but I am not seeing any negotiation. ""

SO NOW THUMBTACK is asking to LOWER OUR FEES......  How about if you THUMBTACK, lower your fees?  I dont tell you to charge less, dont tell me to lower my fees to the crapy leads......

Its very clear now, that you are not here anymore to help us, you are only here to take as much money you can before we all leave TT.

Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Re: No Client Budget...How Will Fees Be Determined?

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Hi everybody,

I wanted to give you all another quick update on where we are with budget questions.

We just added budget questions back to 9 more photography categories, meaning we’re now testing them in every photography category. We’ll continue to monitor how customers are using and responding to these questions over the next couple of weeks. As always, please share any feedback you have with us either here or by emailing

This will no doubt be an ongoing process and we’ll keep working hard to improve these questions and categories over time. Thanks and have a great weekend!



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Re: No Client Budget...How Will Fees Be Determined?

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Thanks for the update @sreekar! 

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New business model!?!?! Why?

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Clients need to know their budget. We shouldn't have to pay to talk to them then waste precious time figuring out what they can or cannot afford. This new quoting system is weak. I'm slowly being driven away to other lead generators. 

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multiple budgets

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I have been a thumbtack pro for 4 years and am a TOP PRO

this area    IS A TOTAL JOKE

you cant quote average prices in our business of videography because each event is different depending on what the client wants

no numbers are assigned to $$$  and  $$$$.  A client recently posted  for a high end, and premium job  and clicked 3 budget listings of  under 500  under 1000.    

Clients should be able to choose only 1 budget and it there should be tighter budget ranges.  Thumbtack has gone the other way which makes it a very bad experience for vendors becasue we are getting grinded to death by prospective clients who dont understand cost.

No one has an argument about Thumbtack charging more but it has to be fair and its not


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Re: Let's talk about our pricing

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I’ve already called to make my extreme displeasure known for what it’s worth, which is nothing, I’m sure. The focus of Thumbtack seems to be extracting the most money from its clients, period.

The elimination of pricing info means that I have one less thing to use to decide whether to bid on a job or not, and the most important thing at that. Now I get replies like “I love your work, but I can only pay $50.” So I don’t get the job that I wouldn’t have bid on had I known that they couldn’t afford my rates, but I get to pay you for not getting the job! 

Wonderful for you, but it sucks for me. I assume that was the plan from the beginning. 

And how do you determine the charge to me, if there is no pricing info from the client? I assume that there is, you just refuse to show it to me because you know that by doing so, you would cut down on the number of useless bids that I make and lower the amount of money I pay you for replies that lead to nothing.

In short, I am looking for other ways to get business, as Thumbtack seems to be focused on extracting the maximum amount of money from me, and not on getting me the maximum amount of business.

Greed and lack of care for clients is how businesses fail. And deserve to.

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Re: Let's talk about our pricing

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Yes, please fire the person/people that in the last year decided to increase the cost for pros to place bids by 10x and simultaneously removed all budget information from a customer request.


Sure, some possible customers don't have a precise budget. That's fine. But it's completely different than removing ALL budget information for EVERY quote. It made the service completely unusable for the last year.  


Strangely all of TT's emphasis seems to make adjustments that are customer-oriented and not better for pros. But their fundamental problem is that the customer doesn't pay the bills for you guys. Pros do. 


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Re: Let's talk about our pricing

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I have no interested in quoting people who are listing a non realisitc low budget. Now that I see no budget at all, I see no point in wasting money in quoting them.

Re: Let's talk about our pricing

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I called thumbtack about a month ago to turn off the auto match setting because I was getting charged so much for work that doesn’t apply to me. My
Video production company produces high quality commercial work but we were getting matched with people who wanted wedding videos and had a budget of less than $500. That’s not worth our time. It also doesn’t make sense that clients aren’t allowed to post what their budget range is. If we had an indicator on how much money they were willing to spend then we *might* consider reactivating our account but Thumbtack has a lot of work to do repairing the relationships with their professionals. Very disappointed in this company.