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Thanks, but I've been on Thumbtack for more than six years and I have all of these boxes checked, minus having promote turned on. I never had promote turned on, and that did not stop the deluge of leads I was receiving on a daily basis up until a few months ago.

Additionally, the few leads I do get are often from places like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and I am in Maryland. So I don't think your explanation of only receiving leads that are a good fit for me makes any sense. if that were the case, I would still be able to view open jobs in the Maryland area, but when I go in the jobs tab there are none.

In six years on Thumbtack, the only times I've experienced a low market would be January and February. So that is also not a viable explanation, even though it has been suggested before in some similar threads as the reason why many of us are not receiving leads anymore.

Clearly, there is something else running in the background to which we pros are not privy. Until a reasonable explanation for this is presented, I will continue to believe that the cessation of leads to some of us is intentional and targeted.

No more leads

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Hi, I've been on Thumbtack for about 6 years. In the last couple of months, I went from receiving 5 to 20 leads per day, to receiving approximately one or two a week. Pretty sure I'm not the only person that this has happened to. I've changed nothing on my profile that would alter the number of leads I receive.

Is the new business model for Thumbtack to throttle leads to those who do not use promote? Or is this something that promote users have experienced as well?
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Re: No more leads

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@needsmorecoffee You're not the only one.

I'm on "Promote" and I get about ONE lead per month, if that.  All of them so far are ghosts (with the exception of one who said she'd get back to me "if" she could afford my services - meanwhile my prices are in my profile.  And of course, I never heard back after that). 

I've earned zero revenue from Thumbtack "leads" this year.  TT has only earned $28.00 in lead charges so far for 2019, whereas the three years prior to Promote & Instant Match, I was spending about $100-200 per month in leads and was getting hired left and right.

And there never any leads in the Jobs tab either.  Sadly, TT is no longer a valuable resource for my business.  I hope that changes down the line, but it's not looking like it will.


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Re: No more leads

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I turned on promote a few weeks ago after turning it off due to so many ghosts. Haven’t received one single lead.
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Re: No more leads

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I'm fairly new to all of this. Are you open to conversation. I would love to talk to someone with more TT experience. 517-962-3953. Thanks!

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