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Personalized Quotes Templates that Matter

Bottom line:  Quote Templates need to enable better personalization that allows Pros to quickly respond to a client with a personal flair.  The best mechanism would be to allow a tag that automatically retrieves the client's name and populates it into the quote message when it is sent.  

I am admittedly a technology product manager by trade, trying to transition from an office to business owner in the renovation/handyman space.  I spend countless hours looking to leverage technology to maximize business profits and recently ran into an opportunity with the Quotes Templates.  They are just that.. templates.  In the product space, we call them "canned responses" which everyone knows just ends up in the trash folder.

It is extremely challenging to convert a lead (poorly qualified... which is another topic) when there is minimal information given and TT is pushing for response time rather than lead development.  My thought was to get an edge by leveraging the templates to respond.  Sadly, they are insufficient.  Many technologies enable tags of some sort that will auto-populate certain fields with data already available so the user does not have to re-type what is already there.  It would save Pros a ton of time and allow them to better connect with clients, especially those who do not provide enough information from the start.  


Example message: 

Thanks for reaching out {client's name}!

I would love to hear more about your project to see how I can best serve you.  Is there a time that you would be available to have a quick conversation?

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Re: Personalized Quotes Templates that Matter

Yes , yes and yes !!!!!
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Re: Personalized Quotes Templates that Matter

@NateCoker thanks for starting this conversation. Quote templates were certainly a big focus and useful tool under the old system. However, now the majority of hires are happening when a customer finds and reviews a pro's profile and reaches out to them as opposed to the system being designed on quotes like before. We've added more options for pros to add content to their profile and reel the customers in that way so that your profile is now essentially your quote message. This even applies for when pros are quoting manually from the jobs tab. Some pros will have the ability to add a custom message for the customer, and you're certainly welcome to copy and paste a pre-written template there, but the price attached, profile, and reviews are what they're going to be most interested in reviewing first.

Once a conversation has begun or a customer comes into you as a new lead in your inbox we do have the option for saved replies. These will allow you to answer similar questions quickly or give a response like the one you've posted here. Be sure to check out our announcement about it and how they work HERE.

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Templates and notifications

Two requests:

Can you please allow more characters to be saved in templates. Right now is only 500 and would be nice if at least 1000 or unlimited. My responses are highly detailed.

Can you add a color to un-viewed notifications, it’s very hard to tell on a phone what’s been viewed or not.


Re: Templates and notifications

@mm these are both great suggestions, thanks for sharing! If you have any other feedback for us in the future, feel free to share it here in the Community or send it to our Suggestion box