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Problem getting out quotes.

Hello Thumbtack: 

I have a very serious problem.  When I bid on a job, I submit a lengthy, detailed bid, with attachments.

I was actually very happy when the character count on bids was increased from 1,000 to 1,500.

Now, I am getting these "job-poster selected you messages"  BUT...I AM UNABLE TO ACCESS any of my many templates...when sending a text message to these job-posters. This is very frustrating, and actually complicates the bid process, instead of streamlining it. Instead of being able to call up a starting template...I have to type it manually or do a lot of copy and paste.

I have been with TT since 2013.  I have over 300 hires, over 200 reviews. I recently sent my 2,000th bid. I estimate more than $5,000 in bid expenditures since signing up. I acknowledge, that on the Top Pro spending curve, ...most of the Top Pro's probably have spent way more than me.

Can you please fix this? The last thing I need is some lame message telling me why it is not necessary, or that you will look into changing it.

I do my bids from a PC, not a phone.  I need TT to fix it so I can access my templates when responding to a "job-poster selected you" type lead.

I am NOT happy. It seems that everything is a fight. I am working very hard to source business from other places. 

thank you, Reese Turbin, Jan 30, 2019

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Problem getting out quotes.

@ReeseTee I appreciate you taking the time to explain your thoughts about this. I know you've mentioned that this isn't what you'd like to hear, but I'll be passing along your feedback on this, as this is the best way for it to be reviewed and considered. 

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