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Re: Pros finding success

Same reason that I won't put background check. I do have one if schools,etc that I DJ for want to see it though
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Re: Pros finding success

@DJStevie I don't think it is near as critical in our line of business. I'm not sure why TT pushes it so hard. I've never heard the first concern from a customer. If that was all that was keeping me from getting the gig I would probably go ahead and do it. I just don't see where it is that big a deal. 

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Re: Pros finding success

PROMOTE charges you wether you respond or not.  Once you are PROMOTED, your bank account gets hit.


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Re: Pros finding success

I would consider our business a TT success story!  The old system worked fine and the new system works just fine too.  We are at the top or near the top of the search results without the use promote.  I haven't crunched the numbers but i'd say we get a response from at least 70% of any lead we inquire with and we land about 30%-50% of those jobs.  The main reason for our success is our strong profile and number of reviews.  We currently have 200+ 5 star reviews and our next closest competitor has less than half of that (not bad for a 2 man crew), now that we have the reputation its much easier to get the bid (even if your not the lowest).  @MidknightGenius  This did not come easy and it wasn't profitable for awhile.  You need to build a reputation for yourself on TT and unfortunately until you do your going to need to work twice as hard for half as much.  I have a few tips that helped us improve and grow.  Be timely- be the first one to respond to a TT request; make sure you have TT on your phone and a ton of well written templates.  Get the most from all bids/jobs-  So I feel like this is overlooked by so many TT pros, there are a lot of things you can get from a bid outside of $$$.  For example if you know the only way your going to get a job is by being the lowest bid then tell the customer "ill beat my competitors quote as long as you share your experience on TT."  If you don't get a bid ask the customer " Can you please give me some feedback on what i can do better next time in order to earn your business?"  we got so much great feedback from this question.  Also ask TT reps for help @Kameron TT has great customer support as long as you ask the right questions and listen. GOOD LUCK  Pro!  I hope this helps, feel free to msg me anytime!

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Re: Pros finding success

You're amazing @JSGDS, thanks for your helpful insight. Keep up the great work! 

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Is anyone getting hired?

I haven't been hired but have been charged almost $75 per week for all the contacts through this new process that Thumbtack introduced. It's driving me crazy and I'm getting very frustrated. Anyone else?
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Re: Is anyone getting hired?

NOPE bookings.   I don't even know why I bother with this site to be honest.  I keep checking this forum in hopes changes are made that many pro's keep askign for.....

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Re: Pros finding success

So I see that this thread was started in January and its now May...unless I missed something, only one Pro responded that they were actually benefitting from the new TT.  Where are all the successful Pros?  I'm definitely not one of fact, I had so many fake leads that I called and demanded a refund...after an hour on the phone with TT and multiple supervisors, I was able to get a measly $77 "credited back to my account".  Well, I waited and waited and never saw anything going back on my credit card, so I called and asked, and they told me "Oh no, you can't have that money back on your 'credit card' account".  Instead, they credited it to my 'Thumbtack account' (which they failed to clarify the first time) , and would not change this despite my dissatisfaction due to 'policy'.  I explained that after 5+ years on TT, I was planning to decativate my account due to the fact that I'm earning nothing in return, because I'm being consistently how is putting the money back into my account going to help me at all? I don't want to waste it on more fake leads!  So I've filed a dispute with my credit card company to get that money back.

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Re: Pros finding success

Hello @JS2 I'm sorry to hear that you felt there was some confusion and lack of clarity when it came to our refund policy and your experience in particular. I will mention that it is outlined in our Terms of Use and Refund Policy that all sales on the site are final and that any refunds issued will be put back towards your account balance. 

The number of succesful pro responses in this thread may not be in large numbers, however, we are seeing many pros finding success on the site. You will at times see those voices here in the Community. If you're looking to read some entries from pros seeing success here are some relevant threads:

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