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Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Hello All, 

I am new to TT, I joined a week ago, and I am curious about Quote Views. I have sent out about 15 quotes but only 1 of them has been viewed and it seems weird to me considering it's been several days since some of them have been sent. I understand not every person is going to hire me but it seems weird to me that 94% of my quotes havn't even been opened... Surely there isn't some kind of filter that only show leads some of the quotes they're sent, right? 

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Suggestions?

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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Hi @pagewithanii welcome to Thumbtack, we're happy to have you! There isn't any filter set in place that customers are only able to view a certain amount of quotes, they're able to view every quote that is sent to them. The majority of your quotes were sent yesterday, so I definitely think you'll notice a lot more of your quotes being viewed throughout the day. 

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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

I will say that at the beginning I felt the same way. I got people that I did work for in the past to review me. 2 reasons I found the "none quote" at the beginning. Not all customers use thumbtack through the app. Most of my customers tell me they went on a pc/laptop and searched. Thumbtack is doing good advertisement on the web. Problem there is that they put their email and then many times it goes to spam/junk. They dont follow up if they werent really serious and forget the project. second is the number of reviews. To my original method, i got old customers to review me here so that Thumbtack customers could see I was new to Thumbtack but not the industry of my particular profession. My advise, get outside reviews so that people can read about you and you will see more of a hit rate. Good luck!
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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

That is solid feedback, thank you so much.

Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Most customers pick the first 1 or 2 pros with the most reviews, and they usually don’t even read the reviews. I had this problem when I started also but once I got about 10 5 star reviews I’ve been getting a lot of contacts and consultations. Now I’ve been using thumbtack three years and 80% of my bigger jobs come from this platform
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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

I'm having he same issue.  I've been on Thumbtack now about 2 weeks and have sent at least 20+ quotes and only 5 have 'viewed' them. It seems to me that's an awfully high rate of quotes going into spam/junk???  I am working on inputting reviews from past customers to help, but how can more reviews help if people aren't even viewing the quote in the first place?

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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed


I'm having same issues for quotes not being viewed. I turned off Promote a couple of weeks ago, because it wasn't working for me. This week I sent quotes/messages out, beat my competition in 3 of them in being the first, and my quotes weren't viewed. I was told that I needed more reviews and a great profile to be put high on search list. Question I had for a rep the other day, If I was the first one to send quote, why wasn't that viewed first, or why wasn't that high on the list?

As for profiles, everyone writes differently. For Thumbtack to determine who has the best profile in a category, it's like being in grade school and the teacher rewards those they feel have the best profile, so they get listed high in searches. Not fair in my eyes. I can't fit everything that I want within a short profile. If I was a customer, a lengthy profile leads to customer looking at the next pro, and the next.

I'm trying to get them to understand, not pacify us. These reps do NOT understand how we run our businesses, nor do they understand how we should determine which customer is best for us, not using a Q&A thing to match us with customers.

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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Thank you for the input! I still don't get the "to be high on the search list" thugh.  If the potential customer has already "sent" a request for quote to me personally, then they have conducted their search and they have decided to submit to me a request for quote.  Why then, would it not be opened? Or is the quote being blocked by Thumbtack for some reason?

Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Not all "personal" requests for quotes are actually meant/sent to one person. I've been on this platform for more than four years now, and I've on numerous times received requests for quotes from individuals that were actually reaching out to someone else. It appears that when someone sends out a personal request TT also sends that request out to anyone else that might fit the service needs requested. For example, last week I received a job request for logo design services where the individual stated a person's first name and stated that it was good to meet them last week for some meetings, and that they were ready to talk about developing their brand.

I have no idea who this person is/was but clearly, even though they were trying to reach out directly to someone else, the TT system was including everyone else in the discussion. Just something to think about. And don't get me started about quotes not being viewed. As I said, I've been on this platform for more than four years, and I'd have to say the nearly 60% of the quotes I send out are never even opened. Of those that view the quote, less than 3% even bother to respond. In the past when ONLINE Pros were charged when someone viewed a quote this was extremely frustrating in not even getting someone to respond. Mind you, it is still frustrating when quotes are not even viewed but at least we're not paying out the wazoo for individuals on this platform whom are for the most part only window shopping.

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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

@pagewithanii, from your inbox check the "Sent Quotes" area. You'll see what's been sent out on your behalf. From there, go to"View Competition" and you'll see which Pro was contacted, how long it took them to respond, how many reviews they have. At the bottom, click on "View All Pros as Customer" and you'll see your competition. These a are my favorite areas to check. It allows me to draw conclusions on my market and adjust my strategies daily.