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Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Hello All, 

I am new to TT, I joined a week ago, and I am curious about Quote Views. I have sent out about 15 quotes but only 1 of them has been viewed and it seems weird to me considering it's been several days since some of them have been sent. I understand not every person is going to hire me but it seems weird to me that 94% of my quotes havn't even been opened... Surely there isn't some kind of filter that only show leads some of the quotes they're sent, right? 

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Suggestions?

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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Hi @pagewithanii welcome to Thumbtack, we're happy to have you! There isn't any filter set in place that customers are only able to view a certain amount of quotes, they're able to view every quote that is sent to them. The majority of your quotes were sent yesterday, so I definitely think you'll notice a lot more of your quotes being viewed throughout the day. 

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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

I will say that at the beginning I felt the same way. I got people that I did work for in the past to review me. 2 reasons I found the "none quote" at the beginning. Not all customers use thumbtack through the app. Most of my customers tell me they went on a pc/laptop and searched. Thumbtack is doing good advertisement on the web. Problem there is that they put their email and then many times it goes to spam/junk. They dont follow up if they werent really serious and forget the project. second is the number of reviews. To my original method, i got old customers to review me here so that Thumbtack customers could see I was new to Thumbtack but not the industry of my particular profession. My advise, get outside reviews so that people can read about you and you will see more of a hit rate. Good luck!
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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

That is solid feedback, thank you so much.

Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Most customers pick the first 1 or 2 pros with the most reviews, and they usually don’t even read the reviews. I had this problem when I started also but once I got about 10 5 star reviews I’ve been getting a lot of contacts and consultations. Now I’ve been using thumbtack three years and 80% of my bigger jobs come from this platform