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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
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topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Pricing
topic id 24883: The purpose of promotion and set your budget in advance
topic id 22503: Leads
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topic id 14288: Declined "Leads" charged
topic id 19454: Marketing Executive From Thumbtack Chooses Promoted Lead, Then Radio Silence
topic id 18206: New Model?
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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

No disrespect but sir you have zero credibility. You cannot give one example on how my posts were unprofessional. This community blog is for “Pros” to discuss topics that are affecting us and to share information and experiences with your company. You, sir, have issues with the information that’s being shared because it doesn’t shine a positive light on the company who employs you. I nor anyone else who has commented on this important topic has done anything wrong or violated any guidelines. Maybe have a talk with your corporate office because your customer relations team has confirmed again just this morning that Pros need to sign up for “promote my business “ to have our quotes viewed by potential customers. I even have the screen shots....would you like to see them?
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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

@Db8718 if you have questions regarding why something was edited out of your post, we're more than happy to have a conversation with you about it. Just send Kameron or I a private message and we can chat. We accept pros to voice their concerns and share feedback, even if it's not positive, but it does need to stay within our guidelines. 
If you could share that screenshot as well, we'd be happy to give further clarification. 

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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed


We set a budget, that much is true.. I'm sure that not only msyelf, but @Db8718 and the number of Pros that have spoken out here in the forum in recent months, want to see customer profile, event info, lead cost ahead of time, before sending a quote. We WANT to see what we are paying for. As it stands now if we use Promote, we are in the dark waiting for leads to come in. True?

It's not you or the other moderators that we are getting angry with, but it's this new system. We just want Thumbtack higher ups to understand our frustrations.

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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Have you talked to your advisor yet? I dont talk to mine very often. More emails every once in a while. I will say that she was incredibly honest about where Thumbtack is now, where it was, and what they are trying to do different than the referral business industry.

By understanding the business model Thumbtack is using, it allows for each of us to decide how to use this platform and if its right for us. We arent forced to use this. Also, I think Thumbtack would be wise to put on some videos on how to use specific features. (if they arent already there). For example, there is a way to go into each persons quotes you have sent, and see the number of Pros they have already reach out too. Its also not about speed, its quality.

You can also go into, view as customer, and see the names of some of your competitors. Then you can visit their respect sites, if they have one, and see who your up against in your industry and in your area. I found this to be incredibly helpful on some items that are over saturated and that I removed, some pricing adjustments, and the areas that I could compete better.

Since the economy seems to be strong, (no political conversation) there are thousands of people going to business for themselves. Where there might have been a hand full of competitors in some areas there are hundreds of people doing the same jobs. Everyone thinks they can go to Youtube Univ and become an expert on anything and sell their knowledge.

I found some competitors doing what I do full-time, as part-time, practically giving away services just to stay busy. Instead of me getting upset at Thumbtack for the lack of business, I have found ways to market myself better both on this platform and outside of it. 


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Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

If you’re sending out 500 quotes a month and were getting 60-70 replies Every month till two months ago and now you send out 500 quotes during PEAK season and get ZERO replies, and you’re a five star company with over 100 hires, sending quotes to customers who need your services within 24 think it’s the PRO fault??
Answer this, why is the see who reviewed my quotes feature gone?
How is possible that I have gotten 5-6 customers from other platforms who also put their request on Thumbtack and have stated to us they did not receive any quotes from us on Thumbtack?
Is it just a coincidence that if you turn on promote my business you magically get hits....?
Thumbtack always says they want solutions ok here’s a test for all PROS, our marketing department tried a experiment. Our normal basic rate is $95 per hour, we changed that to $400 per hour then turned on “promote my business “... we got 5 hits in the first hour! So thumbtack would have you believe that customers are “choosing “ companies who advertise their rates at $400 a hour rather than reply to quotes of $95 per hour for the exact same service? Really?

Re: Quotes Aren't Being Viewed

Except that I am already on promote and not getting them... and have since added the categories I was not on, and am not getting them, and the irony is that the only leads that are coming in, are from the one category I'm still not on! But they're garbage leads that I wouldn't bit on anyway.

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What’s going on

Many looks and no takers. Lowered price to free and no takers hummmm something stinks here
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Re: What’s going on

@Mj1 many times we find that a pros ranking and specifically their reviews are related to how often customers reach our and respond to messages. I took a look and your profile is off to an awesome start, especially some of the photos that you've added to showcase your work. Next, I'd recommend working to gather more reviews since the average pro in your area has 11. The good news is you can have up to 10 reviews from happy customers from outside of Thumbtack. This page will tell you more about gathering those reviews:

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