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topic id 33701: Fraudulent leads?
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First off you should add contractor to your list not
Home improvement.
So demeaning
Like this in the email I just received

Thumbtack matches customers and pros, but where you appear on the list depends on how good a fit you are with the customer and how great you are at your job.

and how great you are at your job....

How does thumbtake know if you are great at your job?
Only if you turn on “promote” then you can let them have access to your bank account...
You have no idea how good any of us are at our jobs
You should get it over with and make your contactor leads a yearly payment like Angie’s list.
No thanks here.
You have decent leads.
Nothing better than what I can find on my own.
You should change the wording on your advertisement
You have no idea who is better than the other. Looking over your list of real tile contractors. I’m one of the best in my area for custom high end installs.
Which many of your customers are not
I’m sure that’s a mark on how good thumbtake is at their job...
Looking at this board, lol
We can all see it
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@Jayme We’ve found that this flow and verbiage have worked best in helping customers find what they need. When customers come to Thumbtack under that type of field they’re looking for help with a specific job, like a deck for example. Currently, the site is set to work in a way where customers can find help for a specific job.

“How great you are at your job” is meant to be more of a nudge towards your success on Thumbtack. Ranking will be based on your preferences matching the job, hire rate, reviews, response time, and robustness of your profile. The new system should be exciting for you with the awesome amount of hires, reviews, and quality pictures you have. Can you be more specific about what exactly doesn’t seem appealing to you?

Whether pros turn Promote on or not, they’ll always be shown to customers for free. When pros Promote their services, they will select preferences for the types of jobs they want most. If a pro is using Promote and sees a job that does not fit them they’ll be directed to adjusting their preferences for better matches in the future, and also be able to send feedback to our teams directly.

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What I want is to be able to promote and get ranked higher
And ...AND when a person contacts me for a bid. I want to be able to turn it down. If I go See their house and it’s a project I’m not interested in. I don’t want to be chargeD. What you need to understand is I have to go and see the house. The room. Is it upstairs down? Sub floor or slab? I probably have to tear it out. So then I have to see if they just tiled the wall or if there is a floated mortar bed behind it. Do u know what that is?...(Remember your customers don’t always know these things)
If I can’t see it and they force a blind bid. I’m not interested
That’s not who I target. My customer knows I need to see the project. Go over many things. I have been in business for 10 years. I have been at thumbtake from when the customer used to be able to hire you themselves and I didn’t have to pay...
Thumbtack just has some jacked prices now days for a lead to not pan out with all your tire kickers looking for a price.I can get customers for free on Facebook that are better than thumbtacks. For free. I can prove it to you if you want to see...
Craigslist at $5 a add now for Sacramento anyway...gets a way better return than your $50 lead for 200 sf...just because you give me a lead does not mean the person who came looking for a contractor is actually motivated enough to move forward or just a tire kicker. I have to sell it sure no problem I always do. Yet you can’t sell if they are not motivated.
You really should point out that we pay for these leads and tell them how much you think it’s worth.