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Ranking plummeted after taking a vacation

My Ranking as 3rd or 4th in Top Pro Editing plummeted this summer because I took a one week vacation and paused remote. No one at Thumbtack can help me get back up on the first page of Editing and as a result I've been unable to get hired for the last 6 weeks. This system is so unfair! I've been bidding on jobs that have already targeted other pros. They tell me it's an overcrowded field but i've been with thumbtack for 6 years and it's never been like this before. I wish they would stop changing things. Promote and targeting has NOT worked for me at all and I think it's inherently flawed. 


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Re: Ranking plummeted after taking a vacation

I noticed the exact same thing after I came back from vacation. Seems like things took a week or so to recover.
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