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Recently had two customers say that they got confused and mistakingly left a bad review...

One customer left a 3 star review attempting to send a message for an update to a job that was still in progress. They were unable to remove or update the review they had admitted they left by mistake. But then they were able to leave a second review for 5 stars... both are verified, but Ttack support will not remove.

The other customer was unable to reach because their contact info was incomplete and couldn’t reach them to inform them of an emergency. They said they tried to remove the 1 star review, because the job is not complete. But now they have posted what looks like two verified 1 star reviews in attempt to delete it.... i realize that most reviews left unchanged maintains a level of legitimacy for Thumbtack. But if the customer literally voices that they want their review deleted, then what gives?!
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Re: Recently had two customers say that they got confused and mistakingly left a bad review...

@fixfitness I would need to take a look at the reviews from our end to be sure, but the first example sounds like the customer was able to update the review. When a customer updates a review the pro will still be able to see both the original and the updated version, but publicly the updated review will be what shows and count towards your review score. 

The second instance has me wanting to take a closer look because again customers can leave one review and then update it one time after, instead of them being able to leave 3 separate reviews. Have you or the customers contacted us about these already? Feel free to send me a direct message with both customer names and any other information that you feel could be useful. 

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