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Review but no comment

Has anyone ever ran into an issue where your client posts a review but Thumbtack ignores their written comments and only accepts the star rating? I had this happen today (see below) and I know it has happened with a few of my clients in the past.


I called telephone support, they could offer no solution other than to say that they would submit my feedback. 

A review with a comment says more than a review without one.

How hard would it be for Thumbtack to actually require the client to write a comment rather than allowing it to be left blank?


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Re: Review but no comment

@Lar this is a tough one. I've just checked from our end to see that the customer left a review with no text added. However, as you've explained that may or may not have actually been the case. It's really hard for us to know what happened exactly from the customers perspective. After selecting the star rating and going past the option to add text along with it, there is a prompt for customers to add any additional comments about how their project went. I'm wondering if this is where they may have put what they meant to write in their review? In that case, unfortunately, it won't be something that can be taken and put on the review. The good thing here is that the customer still left you a 5-star review and that they can still choose to use/write their one update. 

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