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Reviews Setting Defaults

I am having a very difficult time understanding how Thumbtack decides which reviews should make the "relevant" reviews list. I have 40 reviews total, 39 positive and 1 negative. Since Thumbtack has decided the default reviews settings customers should see are the "relevant ones," the one negative review I received 10 months ago keeps showing up on page one or two of the reviews. Two potential clients recently refused to book me beause they found the negative review  (from 10 months ago) on page one or two. If I change the setting is to newest first, the first 4 or 5 pages feature excellent reviews. I have brought this issue to Thumbtack twice and so far, NOTHING! No one can explain to me either why the Thumbtack algorithm selected a negative review from August 2018 as revelant in July 2019 as compared to all the positive reviews I have received in 2019. Customers do not scroll past page one ot two of reviews due to the volume. If you are going to charge me $40 for a client to say hi, the least you can do is give me an opportunity to secure the job by showing my positive reviews.

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Re: Reviews Setting Defaults

@DJPC apologies if this has been unclear. 

Customers like to see the work you’re doing, so the most complete and recent review will appear first. After that, the review order is determined by:

  1. Reviews that have one or more of the keywords a customer searched for.
  2. Reviews for the service a customer is looking for.
  3. Verified reviews
  4. Reviews with at least one media item
  5. Reviews containing between 52 – 675 characters
  6. Reviews that have been updated recently

For example, a recent verified review with a photo of the job will appear higher than an older unverified review without an image.

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Re: Reviews Setting Defaults

Please give us the option to opt out of your review placement algorithm so our newest reviews show first. I've got 5 year old reviews showing up first in some instances and it gives the impression I havn't been hired in a long time, at least at first glance. Thanks

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Re: Reviews Setting Defaults

This response shows how far removed you are from what vendors have to endure with your app. You are very good at billing us as soon as a lead comes in. You won't however, give us the option to ultimately land the gigs we have already been charged for. I present an issue which is causing me to lose customers and this is Thumbtack's response???? 

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The Relevant Reviews default option is hurting my business!!

Thumbtack continues to ignore my requests and pleas to allow pros to select their own review display option or change the default setting to newest reviews.

Today, I spoke to my sixth potential client who questioned me about a gig that I had to cancel eleven months ago due to an unplanned out of state relocation. This negative review continues to show up on page 1 or 2 of the customer reviews because Thumbtack has decided that relevant reviews should be displayed.  All 6 customers I spoke to thought the cancellation just happened given the position of this review. I have 41 reviews out of which, only one is negative. How does Thumbtack argorithm decide that one negative review from 11 months ago is relevant enough to warrant showing it on page one or two of my reviews?

I am sick & tired of calling Thumbtack about this issue and providing feedback to their product teams to make this change. All the customers reps I speak to appear to agree that the defualt setting can hurt my business and promise to take the feedback to the appropraite department and nothing happens!!!