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Reviews other people wrote got my account suspended

How am I possibly supposed to get hired when thumbtack suspend my account simply because somebody else posted a review on my professional page that violates thumbtacks standards. I have no control over what other people right yet I'm the one that's punished for it? How does that possibly make any sense? Now let's not forget about the individual that threatened me who is a potential client now let's get into her story. We automatically match and I was automatically charged for her lead because our preferences matched. But once I reached out to her and she realized that she had selected that she would travel to the pro she decided that she didn't like that idea anymore and then tried to be sneaky went back and changed her preferences. so then her preferences said she wanted the pro to travel to her, next she came back at me saying sorry you can't meet my requirements so I'm not going to hire you to which I replied could you please show me exactly where I stated that I couldn't meet your requirements. At that point she got very upset and threatened me, accused me of harassing her and told me that she would spread negative information about my business all over the internet. Then she gave me a one-star review so how is Annie of this Fair to me as the professional? One someone posted a review that violated thumbtacks policies somebody that I don't know and yet my account is suspended for 10 days now so I lose out on 10 days worth of weeds. Secondly I get a potential client who set her requirements ahead of time then after speaking to me went back and change them, I should add that thumbtack came back to me and said yes we did notice that after she spoke with you she modified her settings so that she no longer wanted to travel to the professional but that's still left me with a negative review and a threat of spreading libel about my company all over the internet on thumbtack does absolutely nothing for that. The least they could do would be to remove her one star review given everything she's done thus far. I'm looking forward to consulting with my lawyer tomorrow since thumbtack isn't responding to any of my request either email text or over the phone.
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