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I am facing the same issue. Two potential clients did not book me because Thumbtack featured the one negative review out of 40 on page one of my profile. That review was given 10 months ago. Why can't they leave the default setting as newest first. It makes zero sense with how they choose to select which reviews potential customesr should see.

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@Meckell That method of showing reviews is one of the most STUPIDIST things I have heard from TT. Like it was mentioned, not everyone writes a lenghty review. I don't. I am a concise person and would rather write a short, straight to the point review, than something so long people get bored reading it. And definitely not everyone leaves media. I am a pet sitter. My customers sure don't!

EDIT - I also want to add that if I go to a profile and the first reviews are from years ago, istead of the present, I don't go much further. I figure that pro hasn't been working recently. I want to see NEWEST reviews first!

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hello: I am looking at my reviews (around 227) and the order is NOT following the sorting rank logic you laid out.

I can see pushing reviews with attached photos to the front of the line. But your system does NOT do that on a consistent basis.

IMO: Reviews should be in a strict chronological order, newest at the front.  

I agree with other's assertion that a job-poster seeing a two year old review at the front of the line... may assume the Pro is not really active on Thumbtack.

When a Pro first creates their TT profile, they are encouraged to reach out to past customers (for a max of 10..I believe) reviews, all of which if posted are non verified.  

In theory; as that new Pro bids on jobs, wins them, and gets reviews, those non-verified reviews will fall to the back of the line.

Apart from things like "Price of contacts" or "Number of Bids sent to the Job-Poster"  as your true customers, we are entitled to a functional, logical website.  IMO you guys have a long way to go.

This window I am typing in; has a text box stretching tool. When I type a bid from my PC, I do NOT get the same convenience. I get a scroll bar that let's me see a few lines of text at a time.  This is very frustrating since my bids often push the 1,500 character limit.

If I receive a Job-Poster Selected You lead, I am unable to call up any of my templates, and the character limit is only 500.

All these minor website issues are gasoline on the fire. 

In 2017; I sourced 124 jobs through Thumbtack. In 2018, only 57.  I suspect many in this group have similar statistics.

I want to partner with TT so that both of us are successful.  But I feel like a married person who see's their spouse spiraling out of control with self-destructive behavior, and despite all the love, know's in their heart a divorce is inevitable.

Please inform your overlords that many of us are unhappy with the way reviews are sorted. Don't believe me? Make it a question on your next survey.

Reese T.

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I am very frustrated. A couple of weeks ago, I spent all day advising someone who had claimed that she needed help obtaining a Green Card. Long story short, after hours of back and forth, the woman admits that she is a citizen! This is in the message thread. The woman was completely irrational; sent me multiple abusive messages; marked me as hired and left me a bad review. Again, all of this is well documented in the message thread. Thumbtack eventually refunded the quote but the review remains. Today, I received a quote from a man man named "Ron." Ron had submitted a request to extend his Green Card. I quoted and "he" asked me to call. When I placed that call, a woman answered. She, too, is a citizen. She was looking for an attorney to engage an unethical behavior because she desperately wants to hurt an immigrant. I (of course) refused the "case." She immediately  marked me as hired and left me a bad review stating that I help criminals come into the country. She then continued to send messages in which she called me "stupid" and again, accused me of helping criminals come into the country. These people clearly just want to harass immigration attorneys. There should be a way to  immediately block these people and these reviews, with well documented craziness, should be immediately removed. It is ridiculous that they are not!

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Maybe you need to start recording phone calls. I think it's legal if you make the announcement at the start of the call.
But you would know better than me.

If this type of lead continues, maybe a pre-emptive warning that you will not help clients break the law, and if you are asked to perform illegal activities you will report them to the authorities.

There are definitely some flaws in the Thumbtack-Corporate Logic that allows bad reviews. A handyman buddy got a bad review when he refused to construct a backyard shed that was intended for animal sacrifices (Santoria religion I think)...he got no help from Thumbtack.

Good luck, Reese T.

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I have no problem with Thumbtack's allowing bad reviews to remain visible, provided they are justifiable. You do have the option of responding to reviews after all. However, in conlief's case, this is definitely an injustice with documentation of the offense, so there should be the ability to appeal unjustified reviews and have them removed.

Best of Luck

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@conleif I'm sorry to hear about your experience. We allow customers to review pros based on any experience they've had with them. That even includes any communication they've had with you prior to deciding if they want to hire you or not. The only way a review will be removed is if it violates our Content and Review policy. I'm happy to hear more about your situation and take a look into thigs. Can you send me a private message with any additional info about yours and Ron's communication? 

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I got many reviews last months but it didn’t count on my profile.
They show up on reviews page but still the on my profile close to the stars.

Re: New reviews

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@Jrbrasuca I just looked at your profile and am seeing 17 reviews being shown. Are there supposed to be more than that?

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