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topic id 19454: Marketing Executive From Thumbtack Chooses Promoted Lead, Then Radio Silence
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Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

@DeniseThis is exactly what I've been saying to TT for years! My suggestion has been two-fold: have a Pro directory in alphabetical order for each category with the number of years on TT, and the reviews showing. Allow customers to contact us directly through that, and TT stays out of it, but they charge Pros a small monthly fee to be in the directory. Then, charge a small fee (a couple of dollars) to send a quote to customers that prefer to fill out a form, and a flat fee if we actually get the job. This way everything is clean, and TT isn't always monkeying around with putting in one new system after another, and the Pro is happy to have better leads. OK, one more thing - have the Pros design the forms the customer has to fill out with enough required fields to actually get a feel for whether it is a quality lead a Pro wants to send a quote to! Again, all we want is a quality lead at a reasonable price. If I was to go to a store and see two cartons of eggs for sale - one with cracked eggs, commercially raised for $5, and one with uncracked, free range, organic eggs for $5, which would I want to buy? It is about quality at a reasonable price TT, right now you're the carton of cracked eggs; step it up and be the quality product!!!!!

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Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

@Angela We are on the same page. And I keep complaining about being charged for these clients that only want to haggle about my prices. I was just sharged $27 for a client who contacted me to ask if I could do the job for half the price ANNNNND bring a second artist with me as part of the rip off. How is it fair to charge me for the full quote when the client only had extremely unrealistic expectations that no pro would ever agree to? 

I undertand TT can't control clients that contact us. However, TT DOES have the ability to refund or at least provide a partial refund for clients that only want us to give them prices that would surely drive us out of business!

Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

@Denise  If I may suggest, shut off the Promote feature. If everyone does this TT will get the message loud and clear.

And for what it's worth, TT keeps deleting my posts, everytime I mention this

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Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

@AutumnElectric Ha! I don't use Promote! These are quotes I sent out myself after reading  the requests. My quotes are AMAZING if I do say so myself! To date, I have been hired 943 times on TT and I have 315 5 star reviews. I am saying all this just to make it clear that I am not a new user! 

The fact that I send out VERY thorough quotes highlighting my price and what they get for the package. I also let them know that this is a discounted price from what they'd pay on my website. Therefore, I feel like I should not be charged when someone wants me to do the job for HALF the price. This is an insult and a waste of my time. I leave nothing up to question and TT should refund me at least partially for these clients who are not quality leads. 

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Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

Unfortunately, that isn't the case as i learned this week.
I showed up in a customers search.
I was sent an instant notification from TT that i showed up in that search.
Although the customer Did Not reach out to me from that search, I was able to view the job details from the notification.
I was not able to contact the customer as it read "waiting for customer to reply".
I have Instant Match turned On and a weekly budget set.
Although I was never contacted by the customer, I was charged over $28 (that's with the 20% discount already applied!?).
I reported and questioned being charged but was told that no $ credit back would apply because the customer matched my geographical location preferences.

In short, I paid over $28 because I showed up in a radius search. I was not contacted and I wasn't given the opportunity to engage this customer in any way.
To top it off, TT sent a notification to let me know I had reached my Budget limit.
Since this change in TT's process, I've never spent more or received so few leads. I'm literally paying more for less.
6 months ago, as an example, I would receive approximately 6-8 leads per week and win about 4-5 /week of those jobs.
Now, although paying the same (even increasing just a little $), I have received approximately 1-2 leads/week (that I'm actually not blocked from contacting) and have literally gotten 1 job (?!) in the past 2 1/2 weeks.
Where am i going wrong?
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Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

@MeckellI understand that as a TT employee it is your job to spin everything in a positive light, but please don't try to tell us that we will spend less in the long run and have more quality leads. This is all geared towards TT making the most money possible. Instead of the customer only receiving 5 leads - a reasonable number - they will receive who knows how many, and if we promote, we would automatically be charged for leads TT decides to charge us for according to preferences setting. It is all about TT making money, once again it is not about hearing Pros and customers, and creating a product that meets the needs of both at a reasonable cost to the Pro. 

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Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

@Meckell  So if we use Promote we get a 20% discount... from an unknown rate, as determined by an angoriothm and not known by anyone until after the transactions. Sounds like a great deal.

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"Today customers get a new Thumbtack"


This "new thumbtack " is way too conviluted!!!

Too many layers, 

The Pros are kept hanging on for dear life while TT is literally "rebuilding" the site/platform like kids playing with a new toy...

TT should shut down the company while "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" .....


My full quote is still missing untill I contact the customer!
And in  all the years I have been using TT with

5 stars.... 49 reviews ....101 hires..rated  highly for punctuality, value, and responsiveness. I am NOTsowing up in local searches for my area!!! 



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Re: "Today customers get a new Thumbtack"

I am truly sorry for you and the situation that has evolved at TT. We have been sidelined for the past two years after about 25 five star reviews and doing some good business. They started monkey mousing around with the platform until it lost all of it's value and became unworkable for us. We continue to watch and hope they can put together something positive but they keep going the wrong way. I can not get any reading that they value the Pros good work. That is what makes our businesses, not just more arbitrary quotes under some pretense that more quotes means more customers. Or is it that the more quotes the more profit for TT even if at the Pros expense? What about the concept of helping the Pro be more profitable? Especially those such as yourself with the quality witnessed by your hires and 5 star reviews.  For the first year we were disappointed, frustrated, and struggling to make the platform work. After the second year with no TT business we are indifferent but still hopeful. I also hope they get it back together for you and all the Pros that have been very vocal about TT's lack of sensitivity to what it takes to build a quality Pro business.    

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Re: "Today customers get a new Thumbtack"

@fitcap I get why you're frustrated, however, all the changes that we've been making for the last little bit have been leading up to this. This new system is something we're excited for to benefit both pros and customers. We are trying to make it as easy as possible for customers to find a pro they match with. This helps you get the customers that are truly the best fit for your business, and are serious about hiring you.

49 reviews and 101 hires is definitely something to be proud of and I want you to continue seeing that success. Let's work together to make this new system work for you! One thing that will really help is promoting your services. When pros promote their services, they will select preferences for the types of jobs they want most. We will promote them for these jobs, and they will always pay for these leads if a customer contacts them. Learn more about this here and let me know if you have any questions. 

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