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Re: "Today customers get a new Thumbtack"

I am an electrician, there's no way I can use instant match, nor would any other electrician. Our quotes depend upon SEEING the property in question and the variety of work involved.  If I use IM for installing a generator, I could never use a specific price; it would depend on the size of the unit, the distance from the panel, what modifications I would have to make, whether the basement is open or finished....I could go on and on.  IM isn't a good match for me, I will never utilize it.

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Re: "Today customers get a new Thumbtack"

I totally agree with you. As a construction professional I'll be charged just because a client contacted me without necessarily securing the project. I feel more in control when i bid on the leads i decide to follow based on many factors and not just pricing which is a huge deal too.

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Re: "Today customers get a new Thumbtack"



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Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

so I am listed as a top pro for house cleaning. I have been contacted by two customers under this new system... we do not get charged unless we reply to the customer... the problem is thumbtack wants to charge me 31.16. my average quote for 1000 to 1500 square foot house is 75 to 100 for a general clean, and I supply cleaning products. if I reply, I would have to up my pricing, and there is no guarantee I will be hired!! but thumbtack is charging, and making at least 30% of what I charge... no thank you...

Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

And this is the problem, as TT has no concept of the pricing structure we use to obtain our customers.   I'm getting charged $19 for 'panel / circuit breaker'......I went on one of these calls, found out it was a tripped GFCI receptacle. I felt bad telling the guy I have to charge him $75 to show him how to press the reset button!!!


Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

@AutumnElectric this is certainly understandable for your category along with others. A secondary option that some pros in this situation do is leave the pricing field empty and explain in their quotes and or profile information that they need to hear more about or see the actual job before providing a price.

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Re: Soon Customers can find you right away


that doesn't help me, then I'd get charged for a project that I may have no interest in doing. Such as crawling around in an attic, to see whether 75yo knob & tube wiring is still live!!  The way it stands now, I can pick and choose what jobs I want to bid on, their location, and the timing of the project. That's the way it should be. Setting up a pro, so they get charged whether or not they want /have time for a project is simply robbery.

TT is setting themselves up for a class action lawsuit

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Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

@AutumnElectric How about getting charged for the client to simply ask if you're available? Or being charged when they ask "Do you have a website?" When your website is listed in BIG BOLD LETTERS. Or being charged for the client to ask you to lower your price. 

This is why is disabled Instant Match and Pro Assist! Why do they think we are so stupid to fall for the same trick under a different name?

They now want to penalize us for not being foolish enough to sign up for this new system that is worse than the previous two. 

Meanwhile, some of these same clients that I pass up on TT will find and hire me on Yelp and Google and even Craigslist. TT is just becoming more confusing and greedy. 

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Re: Soon Customers can find you right away

@AutumnElectric - I'm right there with you!

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Quote charges

With the new system ,will we as pros be charged if customers message,call,or schedule an appointment?What if they message,call,or schedule an appointment and we have no interest in the job?Will we have the option to pass prior to being charged even thou customer messages initially
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