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Re: Stop letting so many Pros bid on a job!!

Thumbtack's canned response to this problem is: "Pros told us they wanted more opportunities to get their name out"  and "customers wanted more options when hiring a pro."

How coincidental that Thumbtack's answer to both these requests from pros and customers result in tenfold profits for them with the new Instant Match system but also pros across the board reporting far fewer hires and prohibitively higher costs. 

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Re: Stop letting so many Pros bid on a job!!

Wow, I didn't realize that they had changed to letting so many bid. I used to be disappointed when i wasn't quick enough to be one of the first five to get my bid in, but if they are populating each request with 5-10 Instant Matches, I can see why I too have seen a dramatic decrease in acceoted bids. Oh well, I guess my run with Thumbtack has come to an end. This new change is the last straw.

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