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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
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topic id 25265: Make pro pricing and rates more upfront for customers
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Re: Thanks for participating in the Search Results Q&A!

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Dearest Thumbtack, Here is yet another post that I wish I could kudo 100 times. And I mean that in the most constructive and positive way possible. @GT456 this was a very good response and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who's noticed all the disappearing comments (not just my own). I've had other users that were voicing valid and legitimate concerns tell me through private message that they were bordering on being banned from the forums..... I already said I was done, but then I saw your post in my inbox and I just couldn't help but reply again.... best of luck to you@GT456. Great Response! 100 Kudos from me!

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Can someone from Thumbtack explain this to me?

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This is your new promotion, which I just don't understansd.

"Appearing in search results is free. You only pay for leads – the first time a customer reaches out to you. A new customer might contact you by messaging, calling or booking you. But you’ll only pay the first time someone contacts you – any other conversations or appointments with that customer are free."

So, if a customer contacts me, even if requesting a job I cannot do, I still have to pay?? That just doesn't make sense to me. Why would I want to sign up for that? Please explain.....

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Re: Can someone from Thumbtack explain this to me?

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@cranichik customers will be able to find you based on the jobs you do listed on your Services page. Then even further based on all of the settings you have selected or not for travel, job preferences, and pricing. The availability that you have listed on your Pro Calendar will also come into play. None of the services that you have listed are using Promote, which also means that you'll be able to see the details of each job and what it will cost to reply all up front. You'll also still see jobs coming in through your Jobs page for you to choose to quote on or not and only pay when the customer replies.

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Re: Can someone from Thumbtack explain this to me?

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Kameron, you're not listening to us. The reason Pros aren't using Promote, is because the details that clients provide for their job ARE NOT ENOUGH. It might "technically" match our profiles, but there are MANY jobs a Pro would have to pass on, for various reasons, even if they "fit" our criteria. And only the Pro can decide that, NOT Thumbtack!

And regarding search, I now don't even show up if a client searches, because I deleted my credit card from Thumbtack. I currently still have credit with TT, and once that is used up, I do not want to spend any more money. But because you no longer have my credit card info (because I refuse to allow arbitrary charges), I no longer show up in search. That's ridiculous! But I DO NOT trust TT to "decide what leads are best for me", which means not using Promote, and now not showing up in Search results. The only thing left is for me to send leads through the Jobs tab, which has been a complete and utter failure.

Your previous system made sense to everyone, and was fair. Your current system is complicated, arbitrary, expensive, and appears to make money for only one entity, and that's TT.
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Re: Can someone from Thumbtack explain this to me?

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@GT456 Exactly! People leave out so much information when requesting. It makes no sense that we have to pay, only to find out that we can't, or don't want, to do the job. All TT has to do is edit the request form so that people have to fill in specific info. I keep telling them that, but they don't care.

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Re: Can someone from Thumbtack explain this to me?

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@cranichik  Welcome to the new world of PROMOTE !   If you've set up your profile, filled in a budget and have Promote turned on, you're going to be paying for leads, whether you want them or not.    Read a little bit under the Payment posts, it's been discussed for weeks....except TT never put out a notice to the pros, that they would be fiscally responsible for a client contacting them. It's only been discussed here in the community

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Let's talk about TT pricing

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So, this was the description of today's work:

We are upgrading our basement, for that we need an electrician

This is going to cost me $22 to respond.  Perfect example of why I don't use Promote.  This could be anything from; 'we need one receptacle installed', to ' we want to finish our basement over'.  no way to know without spending the $22.  This used to cost me $5 and I'd answer 3 or 4 of these a day, then chose which one I wanted to pursue.  The new costing/promote system is totally geared toward the Pro's spending their money to finance TT; it has nothing to do with our clients or the success of the pros.

update. the client contacted 4 pros within 2 minutes; I would assume, mostly through the promote feature.  $88 in 2 minutes, if the cost was in fact only $ may have been more according to recent inquiries with TT.


Community Newcomer're basically a yellowpages now?

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I used Thumbtack a couple years back to upload photos and a description of a project that needed to be completed and this was a great way to see who was interested and have people bid on the project.

Now I try and "create" a project and I have to go one by one through each person and request a quote?

Your new method of taking in projects makes you just another Yelp or Yellowpages or Google Reviews. Very disappointed in the changes. 

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The recent change to the "Search Results" system is HORRIBLE:(

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Hi Thumbtack Pro Community,

I am a 3-year Thumbtack user, and Thumbtack has helped my business SOAR during that time: the dozens of clients that I have worked with as a result of Thumbtack have been an amazing, ideal fit for my specializations. 

That said, I am absolutely DISAPPOINTED with the new "Search Results" system, and it has completely ruined my previously incredible experience with Thumbtack. I used to receive hundreds of leads per month, sign several perfect-fit clients, and invest thousands of dollars into Thumbtack per year as one of my strongest modes of lead generation. Now, I literally receive NO leads, I mean ZERO, and have not signed a client through Thumbtack for 2 months. And literally NOTHING has changed on my end...except that I have more positive reviews and a stronger profile than ever. 

The new system is TERRIBLE, and now I am seriously considering investing the marketing capital that I previously, happily invested in Thumbtack, elsewhere. I will have to if nothing changes. 


The old system worked magnificently. Why the change? 


The obvious problems that I see with this new system:

1. I (and all Pros) are limited to the geographic area affiliated with their address. For those of us who work via phone, internet, or Skype, this reduces our potential client base exponentially! Downsizing from the ENTIRE U.S. to a single area - even as large as Los Angeles (my new, "limited" demographic) has a hugely negative impact on our reach, and on the number of clients that we could otherwise potentially connect with and serve. 

2. Even though I am PAYING to "Promote my profile" - I have still received ZERO leads. Again, my profile is outstanding, I have dozens of rave reviews...and still...

3. My niche is in serving women with specific personal and professional needs, and I used to be able to use discretion when I received a "Job request" and only reply to the leads that I believed could be a great fit. Now, there is no specificity of connection - it is all left up to the Lead to do the heavy lifting and research.

4. Assuming that this is how it words on the user-end of the process: It is scientifically proven that when people have too many options or choices, they tend to feel overwhelmed and either not make a choice at all, or make a choice that isn't the best fit (to reduce overwhelm). With the old system, the Lead only received 5 responses, which is a managable number to sort through, AND they were able to tell who responded first, thus establishing initial trust and rapport. Now, Thumbtack is pressuring the Lead to make this choice themselves, and they likely have little idea as to what they should be looking for or how to discern between professionals in the first place. 

5. With the old system, we could communicate to the Lead via their name, and customize our response to their particular inquiry and needs. The personalization was very helpful in connecting the right clients with the right professional. Now, again, it is like casting a wide net and generalizing / dehumanizing people's needs. 

6. I do not receive notifications for the "Jobs" that happen to make it through after the initial "Search Result" process. I have to manually go to "Jobs" 15x a day to see if there's a new job there for me to respond to, which their sometimes is. It would be nice to receive a notification. 


All of this being said, I just don't get it. I don't get how this new system is benefitting the Lead/potential customer OR the Professional. If I'm missing something, please let me know, but I've already consulted with 3 Thumbtack team members and I was literally told to "just wait, you'll get leads eventually." No. This is my thriving business. My passion. My way of helping people improve their lives. I'm not going to wait. I'm going to go elsewhere if nothing changes. 

TLDR: Please change back to the previous "pay to respond to leads" system that was in place for the past 3 years prior to October. The new system doesn't work. 

I look forward to any insight, help, and feedback from the Thumbtack team or community.


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Promoted and leads

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I am extremely unhappy with the changes that have been made in the last week or two. I have a cleaning business. Good reviews and hires. I never had a problem getting jobs on here before. I am getting No activity now. Something is off. Even though I am supposedly promoted and can’t bid on jobs and the frequency of jobs in my area is down 100% compared to last month. What is going on?