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I continue to get notices from people who want me to contact them AND I’m getting charged for each one despite the fact that I don’t respond.  Furthermore, there is no real proof that this person is contacting me and not Thumbtack.  

Moderator Kameron

@jimsignorelli I'm sorry to hear this. There appears to be some confusion in regards to how your account is set up. Currently, you are using Promote for both your services (Public Speaking Lessons and Marketing). Customers looking through the Search Results page who find you and want to reach out will be able to do so right away and the charge for the contact will be immediate. If you'd rather not have the customers be able to contact you right away, you can always pause Promote. With it paused you'll be able to see the lead as it comes in and choose to accept or deny the contact and charge. However, you will show lower in the Search Results without Promote. 

In the meantime, I'd recommend responding to those new leads in your inbox since they're ones that you've already paid for.

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I NEVER selected Promote!


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Re: Thanks for participating in the Search Results Q&A!

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HI Im Eric. A loyal PRO with over 54 REVIEWS, a 4.7 rating. TT was a grind getting started, but like so many PROs I kept up with it. I am like so many other PROs........wondering why TT is being so stubborn, refusing to go back to the way you did business before. 

Over the holidays, I spent a lot of time online researching TT, and I must say it was "very scary" all the complaints coming constantly. It seems like TT needed more $$$$$ coming into to please investors. YOUR PROs that are loyal are relying on TT for a steady source of leads are leaving in droves. 

The PROs are telling TT that the new changes are NOT working. Take my experience for example. I knew right away it was not going to work. I had all my SETTINGS in place. My case was simple. I can not SCREEN my leads and that created leads that came in that I would have never chosen. The fact TT is getting the $$$$$ up way, no more. I had received 8 leads and did not close a single job. THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

I have 3 friends that USED  TT and were loyal!!!!! A concrete contractor, a fence contractor, and a HANDYMAN. We all noticed the quality of leads and the HUGE increase in lead costs went through the roof, charged upfront. WE ALL STOPPED or PAUSED "Promote Your Business"

If TT cant make it work for PROs that have "mastered" the old system and developed their own ways and means of connecting with do you expect  PROs to make it work and when they are coming in with NO reviews, no STRONG PROFILE, and they get frusttrated giving TT the $$$$$, and not closing jobs. 

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Re: Thanks for participating in the Search Results Q&A!

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One Thousand Kudos Eric!

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