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The new software for leads is anti contractor

We have been loyal thumbtack users and I have to say this is the first time I am truly unhappy with this lead service. As of today we are getting job notifications from 400 miles outside our jurisdiction. We also paid for TWENTY LEADS with no potential in A WEEK. I will be turning this service off if this continues. It’s not efficient nor an effective lead service with this software update that thumbtack has performed.
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Re: Think like a customer to get more leads.

I have to say I am now dissatisfied with thumbtack. It’s sad to say because we have used thumbtack and have been loyal top pros. The software updates have hindered our business and charged us for 95% of leads that turn out to be fake or just not even a lead at all. The reason I know this is because I thought we had a lead and I spoke to a customer who said they “were looking for landscaping ideas” we do not have “landscaping” as any of our services. We build custom homes.


Re: The new software for leads is anti contractor

Thanks for reaching out @Dimension I'm sorry to hear that you're dissatisfied with Thumbtack. You're a Top Pro and have over 80 hires, I want that to continue for you! I'd love to hear out your concerns in more detail and see what I can do to help. Feel free to send me a private message with more detail about which updates are hindering your business. Upon that, can you also give the customers name who was looking for landscaping ideas? I also want to touch on the jobs you're seeing in the Jobs tab. Those jobs will be up to 150 miles away from your location, so if you're getting Jobs that are 400 miles away, we want to see what's going on! Please send any examples of those my way.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope we can help you get things figured out and get you on board again. 

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Re: The new software for leads is anti contractor

We absolutely loved thumbtack for pros until two weeks ago. Your software update has completely over billed us for leads that are not even leads.
We also have noticed that every single lead aside from ONE out of 14 does not engage at all and we are being charged for customers who contact us then shortly after cancel the project and do not even reach out to us or respond to any messages. Most customers are simply looking for a list for the top contractors. One of our customers who we met through Thumbtack last year stated that they no longer use Thumbtack because it’s incredibly frustrating just to see which service professionals are available.
Last year your search requirements were far more clear and concise. She stated that she went on Thumbtack to look for a house cleaner (we do not offer house cleaning services) and gave up after the Thumbtack app only directed her to click on service professionals’ availability requests. She wanted to do more research on the house cleaners and was unable to without reaching out to every single one.
She then stated that she was bombarded with every single service professionals’ messages even though she did not want to contact every single service professional. All she wanted to do was research which professional was the right fit for her.
We completely understand that you guys have to make money but if you’re going to falsely bill out and force potential customers to click on availability BEFORE they can choose which thumbtack pro they want to contact AND spend contractors or service professionals money by simply clicking without there being a purpose to it than you are superfluously billing every pro knowing that there is no potential for a valid lead.