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Re: Thumbtack Tip

Yes, I agree. I feel like saying, click the "You're Hired" button and then I'll tell you if I'm available. If I bid a job and then get hired by someone else, I always post a message to the person who didn't hire me, telling them that I'm not available now.
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A positive suggestion... Yes, really!

I would like to go back to the old system of when we used to send quotes and we could send a personal message along with our quotes that gave me the opportunity to explain the cost of my quote along with my quote this new instant match doesn't work for me I do love Thumbtack and I've been with thumbtacks a very long time now they always have taken very good care of me when I did have an issue and I contact them they would always handle any and all issues I had in a very professional manner I don't mind spending money with them I understand they are a business to I just want to be able to get my money's worth and sending a message along with my quote in the past I got better results doing it that way I got hired a lot more times please let's go back or at least let me go back to sending personal messages along with my quotes I'm pretty sure other Pros feel the same way I'm not complaining I just would like to go back to the old system
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Tip for Success

Save templates of your quotes! This saves you the time of retyping the standard key points and allows you to spend the time to customize the personal stuff--without sacrificing valuable response time once you get a message.

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Re: Tip for Success

@mhesllc They have done away with the templates in many categories and they plan on ending the templates from every category in the near future. They want us to only use the intro and profiles.

I hate this idea. My well-crafted templates made me a superhero when quoting. They have taken away one of the greatest tools Pros used to book clients with specific needs. 

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Re: Tip for Success

I'm new enough that I didn't even realize templates had been part of the Thumbtack infrastructure! I save copies in a Word document on my desktop and phone, which is definitely very clumsy but still helps to be able to copy/paste the standard stuff.

That's really too bad they took that feature away!


Re: Tip for Success

Hi everyone, I'm happy that you brought up this topic. Yes, we have made some changes with quote templates. This is a new change based on customer feedback. They’ve let us know what they really want is the facts first such as pricing, reviews, and hires. That’s how they decide who to contact. 
Your profile holds a lot of weight now and your Introduction section is the easiest way to give customers those extra details on what you provide. Once they reach out, that’s when you can turn on the charm, answer their specific questions, and win the job.

You all have brought up some valid points and I will definitely send in your suggestions to our Product Team. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming.  

Re: Tip for Success

It would be a shame to get rid of templates.  They are fantastically useful, especially when managing my work via phone (and all its autocorrect craziness).  Even if we deal with potential clients in a slightly different way going forward, it seems a poor decision to eliminate a very basic need for any freelancer (the ability to easily and quickly submit a bid).


Shareen Mann
Freelance writer and editor with The Write Mann, LLC
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My Best Tip

I get more jobs from people who've read my reviews than anything else. My reviews are impressive. I don't let Thumbtack set the date for them. Since I teach singing and usually see students every week or 2 weeks, I schedule the review date for after 6 weeks to 2 months of working together. Then I get reviews that read as if they were written for the New York Times. I get paragraphs of amazing things. I don't get bad reviews. The lowest I've gotten is four stars, which he admits is a typo, but it's there. Reviews are critically important. Make sure people have something to say before the request goes out.