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So I've been with thumbtack for years,. Was a top pro, then thumbtack changed their top pro status, now I am not prepaying, or signing up to pre pay leads and I'm not even on a list of plumbers, when new guys who pay money are in front of me...
.I have over 120 reviews..

Thumbtack has become a travesty
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Re: Thumbtack

hi Mark: I'm Reese. Just another member of this group. But I administrate an unofficial Facebook group of all types of Pro's.

Welcome to a very large club. The game plan of many: Minimize (but do NOT delete) your TT account activity, work hard at sourcing business from other places, and pray that TT executives come to their senses. 

A new acronym? FHC,  Formerly Happy Camper? Yes, a lot of us used to be happy-campers. Now, not so much.

Good luck, Reese T.  Jan 13, 2020

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Re: Thumbtack

@Implumbus @ReeseTee - I am in the same boat. I've been a Top Pro for years. But under this new system, I not only find myself not getting listed when I don't turn on "Targeting/Price Assurance/Whatever we are calling it this week" I find the people who are being listed don't even operate in my area.  They are all in other states. The purpose of Thumbtack was supposed to be the virtual version of the local bulliten board where local businesses could advertise (Hence "Thumbtack"), but instead, local providers are being crowded out by national companies.  

Also, the pricing has gotten so outrageous that a lead costs 25% of what I would make on the job. 


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Re: Thumbtack

Still waiting for the thumbtack that started my business to come back. Haven’t gotten a review since the end of 2018

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Re: Thumbtack

I agree with everyone else. I was also a top pro, but haven't used Thumbtack in the past year. I recently started using it again, and I was listed as the 8th person on the pro list (graphic designer). If that isn't bad enough, each day I find I get pushed further and further down on the list. I did research on how to move up on the list. I did every suggestion that I could find, but nothing helps! How many people are going to scroll through multiple pages to find a designer?? Probably not many.

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Re: Thumbtack

I was curious to see others’ experiences. Same here. It’s become a complete non entity for me when I’ve been hired 40 times - have had nothing since early 2019.
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Re: Thumbtack

Same here.. I've been a top pro on here for years, I have one specific catagory that has been grouped in another and 99% of all of my leads are NOT my specialty and NOT within 60 miles of me.. the costs have soared so much that with each person I had to decline and be charged it broke the bank finally. I haven't been active in a year now as I am no longer a happy camper either with thumbtack.. I keep seeing my company go by on their paid advertisements yet I get no bookings or calls for what I offer.