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Top Pro Review Requirements

I am just curious about the five reviews that I need to get by June 30 to stay a top pro.

I have four more to get by June 30 and I am already booked most of the days in June on my own (not through thumbtack). So, I guarantee you I will lose my top pro status.

This is very discouraging for me someone who has been a top pro for several years.

I am just wondering why we have to get so many reviews? As I mentioned at the top pro event in San Francisco, my business is a one off - meaning people usually just hire me once maybe twice if I’m lucky because I do face painting which is typically a younger child event. This makes getting reviews very difficult when I’m only booked for a one time gig, to get people to leave me a review. This is because they only go on to thumbtack to hire people and then they go off of thumbtack and disappear.

I have a thank you system where I sent thank you cards or emails and request reviews. I even give them my link. Still, it’s very very difficult to get reviews - I can’t force people...

So I’m wondering (in closing) how this will affect me and what I’m supposed to do if I can’t get all the reviews that the new stipulations require?
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Re: Top Pro Review Requirements

Hi, @FunnyBunnyEntCA I love that you have such a great and unique thank you system, that's awesome! To keep Top Pro status, you do need four more verified reviews from Thumbtack customers. My recommendation for you is reaching out to some of your past customers one more time. As we all know, life can get busy so another reminder could go a long way. 

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