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Transfers of Video Tapes to DVD and much more

If you are a transfer specialist (you convert home movies on video tapes to dvd) you may also, like myself, also convert old film reels- 8mm & 16mm as well as  color slides 35mm. I also convert audio cassettes, reel to reel audio tapes and vinyl record albums to CD) There is a huge market for these needs. Many people are afraid to risk loss of their irreplaceable memories by having some warehouse send them out "somewhere" to some person they never get to meet or speak with and some wonderful people have had their media LOST IN TRANSIT. Nobody deserves to have that happen. However, Thumbtack only has the one category: Transfers to DVD for TAPES only! But many people have MORE than just TAPES! If Thumbtack were to make it known to the people in need of our services that they can also get their old film reels, color slides, still photos, audio cassettes, audio reels and LPs converted, this would increase job opportunity and profits for both us service providers and Thumbtack- nationwide! 

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