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Unintentional Review

I have a potential customer that I have been in contact with that will possibly lead to a hire, however, up to this point the customer has not hired me as they are still evaluating their options. The issue here is that the customer unintentionally left me a 1 star review, when I contacted them to inquiry about the review, they were very surprised and said that they weren't aware they have given me any review yet as they have not decided to hire me, they immediately offered to contact Thumbtack to get the review removed but were told that the review cannot be removed and that they are only allowed to make one change, so they can upgrade the review to 5 stars (which they feel is unfair as I have not done any work yet) or add a comment explaining it was a mistake on their end and leaving the review as it is (which they feel is unfair to me). I know that someone at thumbtack has the ability to remove this review and it should be removed without problem, specially given the fact that the person who posted the review is requesting for the review to be eliminated. Please tell me who to contact to fix this issue. Requestor name: Marc Snyder.
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Re: Unintentional Review

Welcome to the club:

Many Pro's have been in this situation. I myself have a few 5-star reviews, where work was never done, but the job-poster got all hyper and excited because they liked my bid, but then cancelled the appointment for whatever reasons.

I have a number of 4 star reviews, but the text reads like a 5-star review. The job-poster was fumble fingered with their smartphone.

AND, I just got a 2-star review with no text, I typed my rebuttal, and the job-poster changed it to 5-star, with good text, so I had to type an apology because Thumbtack will not pull the first incorrect review.

I feel; as do many Pro's: That making the job-poster enter the star count twice; In a fashion similar to when you sign up for a new website, and you have to type your email twice, or your created password twice, would go a long way in reducing this source of grief and stress.

Many Pro's have reported receiving bad reviews, because the job-poster did not like the quoted price. So; they pay to bid, or pay for a contact, earn no money, and are left with a bad review. I should mention; a TT Pro is allowed a one time rebuttal. So, write your draft someplace else, do a grammar and spell check, and take some time before you post the rebuttal to the bad review.

Reese T.  May 07, 2019

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Re: Unintentional Review

I can't believe thumbtack won't delete the unintential review! They can get into our account to look up anything they want, they can delete our posts here, so there is no way thay can't delete a wrong review. They apparently just WON'T.

Re: Unintentional Review

There's no doubt in my mind that Thumbtack has the ability to remove this review. I think whoever the customer service rep the customer contacted was just following the book instead of using common sense either that or Thumbtack has lost its way. We know they aren't listening to the PROs and it appears that they aren't listening to the job posters either.

Re: Unintentional Review

@ReeseTee I wanted to touch on what you've said here: "AND, I just got a 2-star review with no text, I typed my rebuttal, and the job-poster changed it to 5-star, with good text, so I had to type an apology because Thumbtack will not pull the first incorrect review."

In the instance where a customer has left you a review and then updated it, the updated ranking and text will be what is officially counted towards your review score and shown to customers and not the original.

Re: Unintentional Review

This is so unfair, and illustrates the point I have made multiple times to thumbtack as to why they should not allow non customers to leave reviews. Only people who have hired pros and can evaluate their skill set and their ability to complete a job should be writing reviews ever. There is simply no good reason to allow a non-customer who has not hired you and cannot attest to your ability to complete a job the option to write a review of your services. Amazon doesn't allow it for products, and they are the self-proclaimed most customer-centric company on the planet.

Re: Unintentional Review

@jesuseldyablo85 Our review policy is that we rarely ever remove reviews or update reviews unless they violate our Content and Review Policy. In this case, it looks like after review that our teams determined the review was not in violation and will stay. I know that it can be hard to have a negative review on your profile but remember that if the customer decides to that they can update the review one time based on their interactions with you and not just work that was completed. 

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Re: Unintentional Review

Hi Kameron,

Did you read the part where I said that the customer stated that they had no knowledge they were posting a review?


They want the review to be taken down rather than update it to a 5 star review because I have not done any work for them yet. If they decide to hire me later on, they were told by the customer service rep that they would not be able to update their review or make any additional comments so that's why they are hesitant to update the review now which I totally understand and agree with.


I can totally understand not removing the review if I was the only one asking for it because I felt it was unfair or I did a bad job and didn't want anybody else to know but it is the actual job poster who is requesting this and Thumbtack is ignoring the request.


Thank you for providing a link to your review policy but is just that a policy, and it doesn't take into account every single scenario, where is the common sense as a business?

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Re: Unintentional Review

@Kameron  Did you not read the part where @jesuseldyablo85 stated he got a review BUT NEVER DID THE WORK! It was a mistake on the client's part and the client stated that fact, also. How can that NOT be in violation??? Why ruin the Pro's reputation like this?? 

cranichik 5-8-2019



I just had another customer - not a HIRED customer - who was asked by TT to give me a review for work we had not even agreed on. I'm a 5-star Top Pro and this customer, not knowing anything about my work, gave me a 4-star rating because all we've done is communicate with each other. That's a fair rating but it also lowers my rating, right? Since I haven't been hired  I got on the live chat, asked to have the review deleted, and was told this:


The customer have an option to leave a review as long as there was a conversation between the pro and the customer.
In order to preserve the integrity of the reviews, our policy is to not edit or remove reviews. Reviews help other customers make informed decisions when hiring.
I cannot tell you how angry I am at this point. My business is great because of TT but TT asking customers for reviews has GOT to stop. Let US ask for our own reviews. If we're adult enough to run our own businesses, we're adult enough to ask for reviews. Fair enough?
Such a simple fix for all these Reviews complaints. Just let us handle them on our own. Done.