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What makes. Pro?

So I was just checking some antalitics and TT suggest other “Pro’s” who are getting more hires. I check them out. Their work looks like absolute amature rubbish! I could not find a single photographer who appeared to be an actual professional. Makes me wonder is it is worth using the site, because I’m not going to compete with armatures with a new Rebel Camera their mom got them for Christmas. Very frustrating.
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Re: What makes. Pro?

I understand your frustration and I get it. When we started it was the same thing for us. A lot of them are mediocre but continue churning out top quality stuff and you’ll soon be a top pro. We just hit top pro in our first 4 months with TT and we’re hoping to get a lot more work now.

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Re: What makes. Pro?

Hi Lindsay! How do you check out the work of people who are competing against?

Re: What makes. Pro?

It's tough because on a site like this you are competing first on speed to quote and second on price. Quality of work unfortunately is down there in third. I try not to look at the insights because it usually leads to frustration, but I do, and I notice too alot of times I lose out to somebody with only a couple reviews but was the lowest price.

With instant quoting I think it's a lot harder now to build a solid profile, but it used to be that if you kept pluggin away eventually you could gain some ground. In my experience TT has been great for filling short notice weekends where you might not have had something booked. Not the highest paying gigs, but 300 or 400 for a Sunday afternoon where I otherwise would have been messing around in the yard, can't complain.

I also have landed a few clients that have led to repeat/referral business. And, if you've been doing this for any amount of time, you know like I do, word of mouth is the only way to break into those high paying jobs.

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