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Where Did All The Business Go?

Hi All, I'm a Top Pro in the Web Development world on here and when I first started using the system, my quotes cost about $7, which have now gone upwards of $30 sometimes, yet Thumbtack still doesn't require a phone number?! I feel that if you are going to have to pay anything over a set amount (say $20), then the customer should be required to provide a phone number, or at least make it more apparent to the client that we as Pros have to pay for their quote, whether they choose us or not. I've had this conversation with the folks at Thumbtack time and time again and they all agreed it would be a good idea, but we see no change?

I just feel that if we are paying so much for a lead (often times which are fake or the client has no true intention of moving forward - I've detected a lot of these in the past), then we should get a solid contact, or not be charged for it.

Another thing that has become frustrating is that there used to be pages worth of jobs to quote on, whereas the average nowadays sits around 2-4 available jobs to quote on, but almost nobody has their phone number; so I don't waste my time. 

I want to quote more, but with nothing good coming, this Top Pro has had to sit back and let my account age, with no new business from Thumbtack.

Where did all the customers go?

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Re: Where Did All The Business Go?

We to have gotten less hires and seen less business. Hang in there. Hopefully change is on the way.
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Re: Where Did All The Business Go?

@jchretien  I rountinely see between 20-60 leads. Of course I don't bid on any of them with the new pricing scheme.  It doesn't make any sense to pay between $19 and $41 for a $75 job.  I have asked TT to explain the math to me, but just get the same standard (copy/paste?) replies.

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Re: Where Did All The Business Go?

Precisely why I very rarely bid anymore these days. They need to get it together.