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You are not responding to my request - the emails are coming back as unread


I decided to send you a message because you are so automated that my many explanation how you can improve your system came back.  Why is there not an e-mail address to send you information and information I need to do a good jobe.

Question 1:

I would like to do housesitting, vacation sitting (long term) watering plants, etc.  Do I have to write a different profile for different jobs or is a resume bundled together?  Why have you not responded to my request?  You obviously do not read the requests for comments.

Question 2:

I am a licensed massage practitioner, and I explained to you that you cannot decide on how much to charge me because many times the clients changes his mind what type he wants and for how long.  I want know know what the percentace is you are charging.  2.5 % for a regular massage in my place?   You should not charge for my time and expense when I am driving and setting up for massage in the client's place, and only for the massage.  These are two different things and making money of my charges driving and time, for my efforts is not ethical.

The e-mails I wrote for your to understand charges and my costs were returned.  How can I send them to you.

You do not put enough effort or no effort at all in assisting issues which need to be corrected.  Why not?

I was a Unix engineer for almost 2 decades, so there is no way they can tell me a fix for this is a big deal.  It could be fixed for an individual in 30 seconds or they could put a page together so the customer service people could make a database change- whatever- they just don't care.  The fact that they won't lift a finger to fix a problem they created, potentially impacting many quality businesses, is completely outragious.  I don't know exactly how much Top Pro status matters in the end, but that isn't the point.   I see more competition for them on the horizon, like Bark, and I don't think it's a good idea to continue angering their pros by not owning up to their misakes.  I get that things happen and bugs creep in and I expect that.  I also expect them to make things made right in the end, and that's not happening.

If you continue not to respond, I see no alternative but to go elsewere.


Best regards,

Annerose Kmoch

619 874-8523 


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Re: You are not responding to my request - the emails are coming back as unread

@Adelunde123 sorry to hear you have had trouble getting in contact with us. We do have an email address (, but there are quicker ways to reach us which you can find at our Help Center. Definitely want to address your questions and concerns right here, though.

Your profile is your resume. It's where you'll showcase all the work you've done and the work your capable of. It's where the customer can see you're the pro to hire. With this in mind, if the services you offer are very different it'd be beneficial to create a second profile. This way you have enough room to showcase each service and customers will only see what they're looking for.

On Thumbtack we charge for the connection to a customer versus taking a percentage of the job. You'll pay the first time a customer reaches our to you by messaging, scheduling an appointment, or if they mark you as hired. You decide what you’re willing to spend and how many customers you want to meet. You have this control through your budget which you can learn how to set here.

I understand it can be frustrating to suggest feedback and not see results right away. It takes time to implement pros' suggestions because our Product Team wants to make sure what they’re changing is carefully assessed and benefits both professionals and customers. If you have additional thoughts or concerns, you can always visit our suggestion box which is shared below. It goes directly to our Product Team.

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