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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Your best profile ideas

Hi! I’m Cordelia, a user experience researcher working on Pro features. As a user experience researcher, I work with product managers and designers to help design features that work for pros.

Based on all the great suggestions in the Profile discussions with @CarsonP (check it out here), we gathered a list of some possible improvements. We can’t promise that we’ll build them right away, but here are 10 ideas from you that the Product team is excited about.

If you like them, give us some kudos and share your thoughts!


Curate project portfolios (past projects)

  • Many pros are asking for ways to show off their past work (thanks, @Laholt3, @HKrieger and others!)
  • Especially a way to show before and after photos! (thanks, @Gabhan and others!)

Make it easy to match reviews to photos

  • We heard that pros want to be able to match good reviews to specific project photos (thanks, @tshon and others!)

Better captioning and grouping of photos

Show off Top Pro status (and other TT credentials)

  • Top Pros are the best of the best and we hear that you want to display badges more prominently on your profile ( thanks, @Pavemint1 and others!)

Showcase other credentials and achievements

  • We also heard from lots of pros with credentials that are relevant to the occupation but don’t need Thumbtack verification (think university degrees or certifications, not general contractor licenses) (thanks, @stephanie, @JoshEnden, @Drone_On_Demand, @heartsinbalance and others!)
  • Some of you pointed out that some occupations don’t require licenses, so there’s no need to show the empty section (thanks, @IanHerbst and others!)

Many suggestions for faster media management

  • Think better tools for organizing photos and videos (thanks, @Horner35, @IkeaPut2Gether and others!)
  • Lots of great suggestions for improving media uploads; particularly around image quality and size) (thanks, @kitcollins, @BillPersons, @Lgidopefilms and many, many others!)
  • Some great suggestions for linking customers to specific parts of your profile that you want to highlight (thanks, @jbillupsand others!) 

Feature content to let your skills shine (reviews, media, and projects)

  • Showing media at the top of the profile page (thanks @Forsyth@mkatzdesigns and others!)
  • Including media types that aren’t currently supported (e.g., PDFs) (thanks, @Jolli@Annmarkk@HansenJC, and others!)
  • Ways to feature work that is best highlighted outside of the photos section (e.g., menus for caterers or playlists for DJs) (thanks, @dcrooner,  @reverendfuzzy@tcbischof and others!)

Tailoring profiles to match the category or requested job

  • Profiles should look different for different jobs -- especially when pros have multiple businesses (thanks, @mkatzdesigns@bscott220@BeckyWright and others!)
  • Making it easier to sort by job/service in past projects and reviews (thanks, @jodphoto, @DannyPhung and others!)

Video introduction

Ability to set custom business hours

Also, if you're looking for a video summary of Carson's Q&A, check out this video:

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Re: Your best profile ideas

Many of these ideas have merit. I would like to add one more that might take shape as a result of the work you are doing here with regard to profiles.

Allow the expansion of service categories that result from specific requests from the clients. Or, add new and unique categories by gathering direct messages from the Pros.

Or: Let the Pros tag themselves in their profiles and then let the clients search those tags. I saw one example from a suggestion made by another Pro (not me): Live Music: Bag Pipes. I see this as an easy thing to do. And then let the clients request a custom quote under the broad Music category by way of a check box for one of two types of quotes. "Instant Match // Custom Quote" If there are only three Bag Pipe musician in their area, simply tell the client at the time of their request: "There are three Bag Pipe musicians in your area." Base this message on the tags in the profiles.

Similar Tags would be:

Photography:Aerial/Drone Photographers.

Home Inspections: Drone Roof Inspections

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Re: Your best profile ideas

As a Suzuki Violin teacher, I want tags in the upper part of my profile as a side column that links students down to subcategories in my profile that they are interested in studying with me.  ie an age level or a musical style.

Preschooler, Age 5-8, Age 9-12, Jr. High, High School, College, Adult, etc.

Suzuki Method, Classical, Fiddling, Jazz, Improv, Chamber Music, Music Theory etc.

Or a list of more than one location one is available to teach in.


Suzuki Violin Teacher
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Re: Your best profile ideas

Ms. Cordelia really opened up a brand new topic that enlightened me.

Yes they are all awsome ideas pros have.

May I suggest have a link to either photos or videos for customers to click on. This will save both pros and Thumbtack money and data space both economical ways to expand the customers experience without cluttering up servers. Either Thumbtack can have a dedicated cloud server for that or the links can direct the customer to the pros free cloud  data space open times offered by browers and/or search engines such as Google, Firefox, Yahoo etc. This way all three sides win. Thumbtack doesn't go through a costly hardware and software upgrade to handle the large data. Pros are charge additional fees

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Re: Your best profile ideas

Thanks for the reply. I have to remember to go ever a preposted messgae to edit it LOL

I meant to say us pros will not  be charged additional fees if Thumbtack has to do a costly upgrade to allow for the huge additional space needed for photos or videos attached to  each of a pros  customer reviews.  My apologies 4 th run on sentence. Anyway thanks for the humerous reply. I am working on my grammer. College composition was the only course I didn't receive an A for affort. I wonder why? LOL!

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Re: Your best profile ideas

We have a liquor liscense for catering.

We should be able to display it on our profile..

A lot of pro's on here are serving liquor without a liscense.


Jus sayinnnnn.....

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Re: Your best profile ideas

LOL absolutely!

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Thumbtack Employee
Thumbtack Employee

Re: Your best profile ideas


I’m back to share a couple mockups inspired by your ideas. These are just some early drafts,  and we don’t yet have timelines for when we’ll be able to build these features into profiles. Nevertheless, we want to hear what you think!

Take a look, and let us know your thoughts below!

To show off Top Pro status, we’re thinking of something like this:

Top Pro.png


To make it easier to match reviews to photos, we’re thinking of something like this:

Reviews with Photos.png 

This is all still a work in progress, so keep giving us your feedback!

I’ll be back soon with more updates.


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Re: Your best profile ideas

@JasonBSince you asked.... the answer to your question: "what do you think about @CordeliaH's mock up? Do you think showing historical Top Pro status from previous years is a good idea?"

It is a bad idea.

The customer will not be able to see that the trend over the years can be easily impacted by many factors that are totally out of the control of the Pros. Most notably the impact of Instant Match. It will confuse them and diminish any trust that you beileve it is intended to build with the customers. And I will add: Very little will be effective in redeaming the concept of TRUST  between Thumbtack and the Pros.

Some of the things that Thumbtack is doing right now will drive away Pros. This will result in customers see that 40% of all pros have lost their status this year. And 40% will appear as though they just got that status. This leaves only 20% of the Pros that might seem to the customers to be trully worthy of their trust the continuity of their status as a Top Pro.  Not the old pros that lost it. and not the new Pros that just got it. This will diminish the percieved value of the program across the board.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Re: Your best profile ideas

Awsome girl, the second one is a real likeness of me how da do it? ruff ruff!!

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