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Re: Your best profile ideas

Being a music teacher I love where the Music lesson mock-up is going. Along with more prominent Top Pro display it is a strong move in the right direction in our industry.



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Re: Your best profile ideas

One other note, the booking option is cool but I feel would require a live and syncable calendar. Calendar as it stands now just doesn't work.

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Your best profile ideas

Thanks for your thoughts @ChristopherW!

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Re: Your best profile ideas

@CordeliaH  @Meckell 

Some customers just want to call and talk to live person, no email, no back and forth with messages: just pick up the phone and get it booked. SOOOOO I propose this, allow customers to call pros or have us call them.  If the customer had a button that said "call pro now"or "have pro call me" once clicked the pros business number would be revealed.  Allow pros to set "ask for every lead", "allow all leads" to see there phone number, this way pros can still deny the lead if they chose.  Just a thought. 



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Re: Your best profile ideas

I'm not sure if this falls under your 'Profile Tailored for Different Jobs' item or not, but a major failing of Thumbtack that just -must- be fixed is simply it's inability to allow more than one main profile picture per email address.  I have two bands with two main profile pictures, but Thumbtack insists on displaying the same picture for all quotes.  And worse yet-  When I logged in as a Customer to find an interior decorator, I found that Thumtack had reused that same band profile picture for ME!


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Re: Your best profile ideas

This is the reason that I use two different email addresses and two distinct profiles. There are many of us who are involved in more than one professional endeavor. TT simply does not accomodate us. When I first starte TT and had only one profile, the really great reviews for one line of work made no sense (became irrelevant) for the second line of work.

Just another one of the thumbtack dissapointments.

Having two emails and two profiles is also not well supported by TT. I cannot set my phone to automatically log on to TT with more than one set of emails and passwords. So to bid from the second profile I must manually enter those fields. This is a challenge to get a quote sent while I am out on an inspection working in an attic. And TT took away our template quotes too. So typing a custom quote into a phone just does not work. But speed no longer matters when we are competing with the Pros who are promoting. They are always a few minutes ahead of my quotes. And the customers who are using TT are determined to get instant gratification so, we who cater to a more discriminating customer are at a disadvantage. I am sure that TT did a survey of customers and asked them something like this: "Would you prefer fast responses more than quality?" And perhapos TT did not even ask that question and simply joined the mass marketers who sell commodities that rank high on Google searches rather than professional services.

But we should not forget that TT will undoubtedly change their program once again in a few months. Stay tuned.

John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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