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topic id 18721: Old format
topic id 19454: Marketing Executive From Thumbtack Chooses Promoted Lead, Then Radio Silence
topic id 18206: New Model?
topic id 7183: I'm trying to remove a credit card remove ,from payments,system wont let me
topic id 17313: Thumbtack pricing for professionals
topic id 16038: Quote pricing calculations
topic id 16031: Fixed Rates vs Hourly Rates
topic id 100: Is quick reply worthy of charge?
topic id 14288: Declined "Leads" charged
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Your best profile ideas

Hi! I’m Cordelia, a user experience researcher working on Pro features. As a user experience researcher, I work with product managers and designers to help design features that work for pros. Based o...
by Thumbtack Employee CordeliaH Thumbtack Employee 3 weeks ago
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Let’s talk about promoting your business

Hi everyone, I’m Courtney, and I’m the product marketing manager responsible for a new feature you’ve probably seen in your Thumbtack app. As of a couple months ago, you have the option to promote you...
by Thumbtack Employee CourtneyF Thumbtack Employee 2 hours ago
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Personal Training Breakdown

I have been using TT for a year now with a lot of success. However, one thing that frustrates me is that I compete on TT with other trainers that offer 30-minute sessions or group training. It's time ...
by BMurray1987 Level 5 3 hours ago
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Random Bad Reviews left on Profile

Seeing that its taking a long time to get this resolved through support. We have to make mention of this in the community. We have a major issue with the current review system that does not work well ...
by eliascurtis Level 5 yesterday
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How to get more business?

I teach private self defence lessons for police officers, other govetnments outside the usa. I retired from special ops after 25 yrs cz i got blown up by an IED will i was disarming the live bomb. The...
by Jerryaya6969 Level 4 Monday
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Background check

Lately, I can't send quotes because ask me for updating my background check. Which I already did, and when I go to doing it again, tells me that I already submitted. So, I'm not understand.Thank you!
by Spanishtutoring Level 4 a week ago
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Live work shop

 "Live workshop: 5 ways to boost your ranking on Thumbtack".Please submit any questions to: webinars@thumbtack.comDate Time: Feb 14, 2019 10:00 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)Join from a PC, Mac, iPa...
by foryourparty Level 4 a week ago
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Thanks for participating in the ranking Q+A!

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed, we hosted a Q&A in the community this week about how you rank in search results. We received over 400 great posts throughout the day on Wednesday, and Scott, our...
by Community Manager LydiaH Community Manager a week ago
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Changes Do Not Seem to Help the Pro—only Thumbtack

I started with Thumbtack in 2015. I have had some success with them—and now have returning customers and some valuable portfolio additions. Thank you. HOWEVER, now—it does not work for me very well. T...
by edservices Level 5 2 weeks ago
5 12

Thanks for participating in the Top Pro Q&A

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Top Pro Q&A last week. Our Top Pro Manager, @JasonB and two Top Pros, @Eric and @RevDrLCT signed on to answer questions and get feedback on the Top Pro pr...
by Community Manager LydiaH Community Manager 2 weeks ago
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Price not appearing on search result page

Hi,I did a search on Thumbtack and while my profile appears, it says to contact for a price. I have my starting price listed, I’m not sure why this is happening. I can send a screenshot of the results...
by OTL Level 5 2 weeks ago
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